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Rest of Your Life, Pt. 4

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Jan 10, 2005

Corrupt the internet

Last night's season premier of 24 delivered on every possible level. Save the one rather embarassing line of dialogue that I'm using as today's rant title, I loved every minute of it. In fact, I'd say this was the strongest season opener since the very first episode. And it's not over yet: another two hours air tonight! After this much condensed 24 goodness, it's going to be murder shifting to the one-hour-a-week format for the remaining 20 episodes. Oh well! All the more time to speculate wildly about what will happen next.

Browsing around the net, I notice that a lot of other people are also referring to 24 as the "Jack Bauer Power Hour." I guess they didn't get it from me, but I swear, I came up with that title all on my own. I wonder how many other people could have done the same? Probably a lot.

Sam Logan

Jan 7, 2005

Eat fuzzy get dizzy

Good news for 24 enthusiasts... the Jack Bauer Power Hour returns with a two-hour premier on Sunday, a two-hour follow-up on Monday, and then a new episode every single Monday until it is all over. I am pumped for more hacksaw-ing, cougar-evading, hand-removing action! And I must admit, as bitter as I am about Fox's compulsive cancelling of all of my favourite shows, I'm happy to see them giving this season of 24 such a favourable launch. I hope it will still be good enough to deserve it!

Hmm! How did this happen? I have no idea, really.

Sam Logan

Jan 5, 2005

Filling our bathtubs with tee shirts and 8 x 10's

The fanart gallery has been updated again to include a couple of pieces that I somehow missed on Monday. If I told you your art was going in the gallery and it is not in there now, send me an email to let me know! It is an oversight, not a slight or sign of spite. I try to remember everyone, but I swear, I've got a memory like a horse.

Lately, I can't stop listening to Jellyfish. They play this jaw-droppingly good, keyboard heavy power pop that sounds sort of like a hybrid of 10cc, Queen and Billy Joel. Based entirely on sound and speculation, I'd wager they were also a major influence on the work of bands like Ben Folds Five. Sadly, Jellyfish had already broken up by the time I turned 11, but I definitely recommend scouting out one of their albums and reliving the maaaaagic.

...a horse named HIDALGO.

Sam Logan