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Fender Bender, Pt. 3

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Oct 21, 2002

Tada! My stylistic revision of the website is complete, although at some point I will have to go back and redo the archive to match the rest of the site.

There are a couple of new sections now, most notably the gallery, which has all kinds of artwork and comics that I've done in the last year or so, and the cast section, which has profiles up for Sam, Fuzzy, and Lance.(More will follow) Be sure to check it out, and let me know what you think!

Sam Logan

Oct 18, 2002

Ok, a few points of business! First of all, I am starting to suspect that, based on the sudden drop in comic-related email that I have received since I changed my mailing address, that my new email account might be in a state of not good. If you have sent me an email -- any email at all -- and I have not replied, then it is not working. If this is the case, yell at me in the forums about it, please! If this is not the case... send me some email, damnit!

Secondly, I have finished designing the shiny new front page interface! However, I've decided to launch it with the other sections of the site that I am currently still working on. So expect lots of new Sam and Fuzzy stuff... all at once! Keen, eh?

Sam Logan

Oct 14, 2002

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians! And a joyous non-statutory-holiday Monday to the rest of you. I'm sure today's comic, which is the start of an extended tale of automotive mishap, will comfort you at work or school while I spend the day sleeping.

I am having a lot of fun attempting to track down those of you who have done me the great favour of placing a link to my site on your own. My reader stats alert me of any site that sends a viewer my way, but often the url it provides is only a webhost of some kind. This gets very confusing sometimes. For example, I have received several referrals from the UK version of Ebay. I am also still scratching my head about the hits from, which, though home to the fantastic Diesel Sweeties, does not appear to have linked me in any way. It's both alarming and intriguing at once, I say!

I'm considering redoing the front page interface (yes, again.) Many of you continue to make the reasonable observation that the title logo is "way too freakin big, man." I assure you that I am devoting my full attention and resources to this task. Right after I wake up.

Sam Logan