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Territorial, Pt. 14

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Sep 14, 2005

A very sexy learning impediment

I think that General McMillan is a frequent employer of the heck system: "hell" variation.

If you are wanting one of the two new shirts, please order now to avoid disappointment. After the preorder campaign ends on Friday, I can't offer the same variety of styles and colours that I can now, and I may have to permanently retire one or both designs altogether. The shop can only support so many shirts at once, and sometimes it is a kind of delicate numerical juggling act deciding which ones to keep and which ones to shelve!

Sam Logan

Sep 12, 2005

Beast and dragon

There's a rule of thumb 'round these parts: the longer the comic, the shorter the rant. Yow!

Has anyone seen my Spoon CD anywhere? I know that might strike you as an odd question, since you most likely don't live in the same city -- or even country as I do. But seriously. I only listen to my CDs in two places -- my apartment and my car -- and my CD is not in either of those places. So I guess that means it could be anywhere. Please let me know if you find it!

I miss you, Spoon.

Sam Logan

Sep 9, 2005

That's what you do baby, hold it down dare

You don't launch a new shirt like the No One Wants to See That design without expecting a little controversy. But I'm not going beat around the bush. I know many of you are concerned. I know you think there is a "problem" with the content of my design. Well, I am ready to tackle the issue head on. Right here. Right now.

Friends... female African elephants have tusks. Only the female Asian elephant has the gender-unique "tushes" that range in size from tiny to non-existant.

There. I said it. I'm glad we were able to work through this... together.

In other news, screenshots of a tech demo representative of the next Sonic video game have just been released. I have long passed the stage of my life where I automatically assumed, or even hoped, that a new Sonic game would be good. But at least this time I know that it will be pretty.

Sam Logan