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Territorial, Pt. 13

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Sep 12, 2005

Beast and dragon

There's a rule of thumb 'round these parts: the longer the comic, the shorter the rant. Yow!

Has anyone seen my Spoon CD anywhere? I know that might strike you as an odd question, since you most likely don't live in the same city -- or even country as I do. But seriously. I only listen to my CDs in two places -- my apartment and my car -- and my CD is not in either of those places. So I guess that means it could be anywhere. Please let me know if you find it!

I miss you, Spoon.

Sam Logan

Sep 9, 2005

That's what you do baby, hold it down dare

You don't launch a new shirt like the No One Wants to See That design without expecting a little controversy. But I'm not going beat around the bush. I know many of you are concerned. I know you think there is a "problem" with the content of my design. Well, I am ready to tackle the issue head on. Right here. Right now.

Friends... female African elephants have tusks. Only the female Asian elephant has the gender-unique "tushes" that range in size from tiny to non-existant.

There. I said it. I'm glad we were able to work through this... together.

In other news, screenshots of a tech demo representative of the next Sonic video game have just been released. I have long passed the stage of my life where I automatically assumed, or even hoped, that a new Sonic game would be good. But at least this time I know that it will be pretty.

Sam Logan

Sep 7, 2005

No cake walk in the tea park


The books are gone. Every single one of them had been sold by noon on Tuesday. What can I say? If I had expected that level of enthusiasm, I would have had more printed! I'm honest-to-goodness moved that so many folks wanted to have a copy of my work in print, and am very sorry that I didn't have nearly enough for everyone. I couldn't even guess how many I actually needed.

Right now I need to focus on packing and mailing the books that have already been ordered. After that, I'll start looking into a second printing. It might take awhile, but I promise books will be available again before the year is over. In the meantime, at least the new shirts are still readily available. See, I'm not completely disorganized!

Sam Logan