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Empire, Pt. 1

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Oct 31, 2005

20 minutes into the future...

Sam and "the cabbie" first met back in this strip.

Say, y'know what television show really needs to be released on DVD? Max Headroom! The show just popped into my mind randomly the other day, and now I've got a major hankering to see it again.

I read a really excellent comic book this weekend called Runaways. I know I'm a little late to the praise-party on this one, so bear with me here. Maybe you already know that this is a book about six kids who discover their parents are a secret society of super villains. Perhaps you've already heard that Brian K Vaughan manages to take this potentially horrible concept and weave it into an incredibly compelling mystery. You might also already know that the artwork, particularly the facial expressions, is fantastic. But the one thing you didn't know until now was... I like Runaways.

Perhaps this was that one bit of extra validation you were waiting for! (I hope not, though.)

Sam Logan

Oct 28, 2005

I'm just sitting in my car and waiting

I'd better keep today's newspost brief! Storm's are a-raging outside, and I know the power is already out at my folks place. We're still fine here but I don't want to push my luck!

Still, I should take the time to once again link to the Friday Night storyline. If you are relatively new to Sam and Fuzzy, reading Friday Night will bring you up to speed on Sam and the rogue ninjas.

Sam Logan

Oct 26, 2005

The more that I knocked, the hotter I got

Canadians! If you pay a visit to your local Chapters sometime around the second week of November, you'll be able to see the very first issue of YES Mag that I designed completely from scratch, from cover to cover. All of the old section templates have been replaced with my own. And now I'm hard at work creating all the designs for Know, a new spin off magazine for younger readers that will be launching in January.

A big part of the fun has been designing some mascot-like characters for both magazines. For Know, we have the Knomes: Knolton and Knoella. The editors came up with the concept, and based on that I created the designs below. I drew these pictures of them for a question and answer section about ice cream headaches and goosebumps:

For YES Mag, I was asked to create an entirely new character who could answer reader-submitted questions "in person." This is what I came up with:

It's Professor Pangolin! I tell you, the pangolin is an animal that was just waiting to be turned into a cartoon character.

Sam Logan