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Guest: Eric Johnson

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Jan 2, 2006

Today's guest strip by

Radioactive Panda's
Eric Johnson

And that's why you should always leave a note!

Today's comic comes by way of Radioactive Panda's Eric Johnson. I love Eric's art more and more every time I see it. Actually, it's vaguely threatening to watch how quickly it improves over time. It was good enough before. Now it just makes me want to cry.

I finally got around to seeing King Kong last night. Here's my two word review: too much. Too much action, too much inaction, too much emotion, too much weighty seriousness, too much over-extended dramatic pause, too much characters-gazing-at-each-other-meaningfully, too much look-at-all-the-crazy-bones-stuck-in-my-face, and way, way too much acting. There might have even been too much of Kong fighting dinosaurs, and let me tell you... it is really hard to have too much of Kong fighting dinosaurs. I think I read somewhere that Peter Jackson has wanted to make this film his whole life. Well, it certainly doesn't look like he ever wanted to stop making it. I eagerly await the DVD release of the extended 15-hour version.

But seriously, folks! As much as I enjoy picking on it, I did still enjoy the film for the most part. Kong himself was incredible... I'm somewhat famous for despising CG characters mixed with live action, but I believed Kong. Just watching him move was amazing. They really managed to capture that organic jerkiness and twitchiness that's missing from most CG characters. I don't know if it was something the animators added or just a result of improved sensitivity in mo-capping, but that extra subtlty really made him seem real. The facial animation was incredible, too. I think he gave the most nuanced performance in the film!

Sam Logan

Dec 30, 2005

Today's guest strip by

Applegeeks' Ananth P. and Hawk

Woke up outside with all those leaves in her mouth

Today's comic was provided by the Applegeeks gang. Ananth and Hawk's work has never graced these pages before, but then, we only discovered each other's comics very recently! It makes you wonder, though... is their guest strip a colour illustration of a black-and-white world, or a black-and-white illustration of a colour world? Also, are Zebras black with white stripes, or white with black stripes? (That question isn't really related. Zebras just bug me.)

Last night, I got to hang out with Fred Grisolm over beer and pizza. Fred is the man behind Hate Song, a freakin' hillarious webcomic with some gorgeous black and white art. I love hanging out with other webcartoonists and talking about "the biz." It makes me feel all artisty and important!

Sam Logan

Dec 29, 2005

Today's guest strip by

Questionable Content's
Jeph Jacques

Emergency Broadcast System

Today's Public Service Announcement was brought to you by Jeph Jacques, a man who never misses the opportunity to fill your heads with his filthy lies. His portrayl of me in today's guest strip is nothing short of outrageous! I would never accuse Jeph of burning homeless shelters or drinking orphan tears. No, those crimes are far too lightweight to attribute to webcomics' King of Atrocity. The actual acts Jeph has committed are so barbaric -- so disturbing -- that you would die instantly if you heard them spoken aloud. So, be sure to ask Jeph what they are if you ever see him in person at a convention. He will be thrilled to tell you about them.

That's all for now! Tune in tomorrow for some less offensive guest action.

Sam Logan