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Jun 14, 2002

I thought up this joke around the time of the whole anthrax scare. Obviously, it was a touchy subject, so its probably for the
best that this comic didn't go online until now.

Keenspace seems to be behaving itself again. I guess I just joined at a bad time. Good to know; I don't know if I can afford my
own hosting right now, anyhow! See ya next week.

Sam Logan

Jun 10, 2002

Hmm. Nothing particularly clever to say today. Funny how that happens sometimes!

Sam Logan

Jun 7, 2002

Yup, dead monkeys. This is the stuff of classic comedy, people.

Keenspace's webserver seems to be doing the hokey pokey with my webpage lately, which I suppose I would have recieved more
complaints about if anyone was actually reading this thing. I'm starting to get a little annoyed with these Keenspace guys,
to tell you the truth. For one, I have NEVER been able to update this site on a first try, as the FTP service has been inaccessible
for hours at a time. Secondly, they still seem to be refusing to add this page to their list of hosted sites, which I imagine makes
it difficult for anyone to be aware of its existence. Granted, Keenspace is free and I really shouldn't be complaining, but I am
trying to run a website here. Hopefully all this nonsense has just been a bad coincidence, but if things don't pick up soon, I may
have to break down and buy some real webspace.

Sam Logan