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Jun 17, 2002

Do YOU do this with your cell phone? Then, yes, you really do look that stupid. Stop it.

All right, gang. This is it... the last week before I start harassing other people to plug my site. I figure a body of eight
strips is probably enough material for someone to form a substantiated opinion of this comic. Hopefully, some widely read, extremely cool
web-cartoonist will like it and plug it on their site so I can feed off someone else's readership for awhile. Can you imagine? The site loads slow enough as it is; just think of what it would be like if TWO PEOPLE TRIED TO VIEW IT AT THE SAME TIME! Maybe I can crash Keenspace.

Sam Logan

Jun 14, 2002

I thought up this joke around the time of the whole anthrax scare. Obviously, it was a touchy subject, so its probably for the
best that this comic didn't go online until now.

Keenspace seems to be behaving itself again. I guess I just joined at a bad time. Good to know; I don't know if I can afford my
own hosting right now, anyhow! See ya next week.

Sam Logan

Jun 10, 2002

Hmm. Nothing particularly clever to say today. Funny how that happens sometimes!

Sam Logan