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Nondisclosure, Pt. 3

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Jul 14, 2006

Remember the weight of the world it's a sound that we used to buy

This is probably my last rant update before I disappear into the wilds of San Diego. The comic will update as usual, barring some immense techical disaster, but this rant space won't be updated again until I return. Wish me luck, and if you can make it to San Diego, be sure to come visit me and Claire and Rikk and everyone else.

Speaking of Claire, for some time now my lovely partner in crime has been working on a webcomic of her own. I've been wanting to "officially" link to it for some time now, but Claire asked me to wait until it had arrived at a particularly enticing (read: violent) part of the story. Well, friends, that time is now. Head on over to Kitty-bot and read the most adorable comic about killer robots mercilessly ripping each other apart ever. The artwork is gorgeous and the story is set in one of those ridiculously over-developed universes that sci-fi and fantasy writers like to create. It's still pretty new, but I think it's a lot of fun!

Sam Logan

Jul 12, 2006

Sinful development

Before I drew Mr. Sin's first appearance, I spent a lot of time (and pencil lead) trying to get his character design "just right." It's funny... you think you have a perfectly clear vision of a character in your mind, but when you actually sit down to draw him, you realize you don't actually have the foggiest idea about how he is supposed to look.

I settled on Mr. Sin's gangly body and elongated limbs right away, but his head was another story. I wanted him to have a simple face that was capable of both goofy exaggerated insanity and legitimately frightning anger... a face that really emphasized his erratic shifts in mood and demeanour. It was hard to do! Sometimes you just have to work it out by going through pages and pages of experiments until you stumble across that one design that captures the feeling you had in the back of your head.

Anyhow, if you are interested in this sort of thing, you can have a look at all my concept sketches for Mr. Sin by clicking the image below:

Sam Logan

Jul 10, 2006

Think you stole my lunch money made me cry

I'm leaving for San Diego in a few days. My newsposts will probably be a bit sparse this week because I'm busy getting ready for the convention. And while I'm gone, there probably won't be any newsposts at all! However the comic will be updating as usual while I am away, so you don't have to worry about missing out on your usual doses of Sam and Fuzzy nonsense.

My printer is hard at work assembling many, many copies of the new book. I should have a small number of them ready just in time for me to take along to San Diego, and the rest should be finished by the time I get back. Woo!

Sam Logan