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Vignette VI, Pt. 1

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Jul 31, 2006

A little sketchy

Mr. Blank must not realize that Chompy is not actually a lizard. But considering their short time together, that probably isn't all that surprising.

It looks like book two preorders are on track to ship out this week. The unsketched books are all packed and ready to go, and I've made a sizeable dent in the mass of books that need to have sketches inside. It's actually kind of intimidating how many people asked for a drawing this time. Fortunately, my sketching muscles are still warmed up from Comic-con!

Sam Logan

Jul 28, 2006


I have an exciting weekend planned, if by "excitement" one means "packing billions of books into evelopes." Yes, the new books have finally arrived, and that means it is time to work like a madman until all the preordered copies have been signed and mailed.

Interestingly enough, the new books have arrived at the precise moment that I have run out of the old books! I'm going to see about getting some more printed, but until then, the "Weekly World Sam and Fuzzy" will not be available to buy in the store. (Everyone who has ordered a copy will still be getting it, so even if you've ordered one in the last couple of days you don't have to panic.)

I did not spend much time away from my booth at this year's Comic-con, so I didn't get to meet too many pro artists. I did force myself to take a moment to visit Steve Purcell, who didn't seem too freaked out that one of his fans drew a comic with such a similar name. (I swear, it is just a coincidence!) He also had a pretty cool hat.

I also got to meet Phil Foglio, who was pretty much as cool as any man can be while wearing suspenders. Plus, he bought one of my books, even though he'd never read any of my comics before! It always makes me happy when someone does that, and if that someone also happens to be a fantastically talented cartoonist, I throw a tiny party. You should see the tiny party, it is very adorable.

Sam Logan

Jul 26, 2006

The return

I am back from the San Diego Comic-Con, an experience far too massive and too crazy to properly summarize in this space.

Traffic at the booth was way up from last year. There were far more people who had already heard of my comic, and for that matter, far more people who claimed to be fans of webcomics exclusively. Having first-time attendees like the Blank Label folks was nothing but good for the rest of us. There was more for webcomics fans to see this year, and as a result, a lot more of them came.

Once again, I got to hang out with a bunch of incredibly talented artists. Outside of my usual Dayfree posse, Kristopher Straub, Jerry Holkins, Steven Cloud, John Troutman, and Lady Yates were tremendously cool and a complete joy to talk to. Meanwhile, the Dumbrella guys were nice enough to invite us to meet the fabled bartender Alfred. Jerry describes that experience far better than I ever could.

Thank you to everyone who came by the booth and said hello. And thank you to my Dayfree friends Jeph, Eric, Josh, Liz, Kent, Scott, Pontus, and Christian. Your powers combined make paying to sit behind a table for four days straight seem like a good idea. That's pretty darn impressive!

Sam Logan