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House of Cards, Pt. 1

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Aug 7, 2006

She rides in a car like a queen on a card

Today is a holiday here in Canada, and boy, do I feel like I could use it. Of course, I just took a week off to go to Comic-con, but Comic-con has a habit of feeling even more exhausting than actual work does!

Actually, even though it was only a couple of weeks ago, I am already busy thinking about next year's convention! Because next year, Dayfree is going to destory San Diego, clocking in with twice the cartoonists and double the booth-size. It will be awesome. Intimidatingly awesome.

Have you been reading this latest storyline deal over at Scary Go Round? Because it's swell. But be warned... if you read this story there is a danger that Esther and The Boy will become your two favourite characters. The guilt of betraying Shelley will haunt you into the wee hours of the morning.

Sam Logan

Aug 4, 2006

Dou ni kanarusa nara nakute mo

So! Have you heard of the other Ninja Burger? I hadn't, but finding out one already exists does not suprise me. Ninjas and any kind of service industry are an irresistable comic combination. Still, if I had known I wasn't the first, I might have called it Mafia Burger.

The Ninja Burger website seems to be an online humour page that has evolved to include an official handbook, a card game, and various other kinds of stuff. And the man (or a man, at least) who runs the site seems very nice -- he emailed me to thank me for the plug that I didn't actually mean to give him. But now, now I am plugging his website on purpose. I'm sure there is a moral in there somewhere!

Tune in on Monday, when the storyline you've all been waiting for kicks off! OR DOES IT? No, it doesn't. Actually it's a storyline about a horse. A horse named... Overkill!

Sam Logan

Aug 2, 2006

No concrete adversity

Of course, the real question is... are their burgers made with 100% real ninjas? How many rainforests do they cut down every day, just so that more ninjas can graze and get ready for the slaughterhouse? When will we, as a society, finally free ourselves from the wasteful and inefficient ninja meat industry?

OK, that was actually three questions. But they were still real questions. Real in that they were asked. By me.

All the preordered books are packed up and ready to ship out later today! And you know what that means... the preorder campaign is over, and the new book is now in stock! They're just sitting here in my "warehouse," ready to be sent out to anyone who would like to order one! And they are sexy. Just ask anyone. (Preferably me.)


Sam Logan