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Aug 21, 2006


Claire and I are still in Vancouver at the Anime Evolution convention. The folks hosting the event are being super nice to us, and we're getting to meet a surprisingly large number of fans considering the size and topic of the event.

Tune in on Wednesday for the "full" report!

Sam Logan

Aug 18, 2006

Visit me at Anime Evolution 2006

When: This weekend (Saturday through Monday)

Where: Vancouver BC (Click here for street address and directions)

I will be hanging out at a table in artists alley, doing free sketches and selling copies of the new book (as well as a handful of t-shirts of random sizes and designs.) I will also be doing a couple of "events":

Sunday, 5:00 PM - "Sam and Fuzzy Q and A"

This is my panel. Please come to my panel. Don't leave me all alone. I promise I will answer your questions with a smile, even if you ask "Where do you get your ideas," otherwise known as the most dreaded question among writers and artists everywhere.

Saturday, 3:30 PM - "Autograph Session"

Basically, this is the same thing I'm going to be doing at my table, only I'll be doing it somewhere else, and Greg Dean and David Stanworth will be doing it with me. They've also scheduled a second session for Sunday at 12:30, but Greg won't be at that one.

That is the deal! Swing by and say hello.

Sam Logan

Aug 16, 2006

Update about Noosehead book

It appears that the vast majority of the new books were not affected by the missing page problem. What a relief!

But again, if you do find your book is one of the few that is missing pages, please contact me to recieve an immediate replacement copy. There is no need to hesitate... my book printer has been very apologetic about the mistake and is providing me with the replacements at no charge. I can do this thing for you. It's cool.

Two more days until Anime Evolution! After careful consideration, and thanks to the support of viewers like you, I've decided that my panel will be about cardigan sweaters. And of course, I'll also have a booth where you can visit me and get a free sketch. You will also be able to buy a book, or one of the dozen or so t-shirts I have that are not currently in a warehouse in Massachusetts. It will be fun! FUN!

Sam Logan