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House of Cards, Pt. 20

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Sep 20, 2006

Ill placed trust, promises rust

Oh yeah... that guy!

It feels really good to finally share this story with you all. I hope you are enjoying it!

Got the new Sloan album. But I'll have to spend some serious time with it before I can weigh in on it. I'm enjoying what I'm hearing, but let me tell you... this sucker is dense.

It isn't any longer than, say, the Barenaked Ladies' new double album. But somehow, having all 30 tracks on one disc with no division in the middle makes it much trickier to get a handle on. Thinking about it now, I'm pretty sure I ingested the new BNL one disc at a time... playing the first one several times and then moving on to the second. I guess I'm just programmed to absorb music in instances of roughly 12-tracks and 40 minutes.

I will say one thing, though... "Ill Placed Trust" needs to be a single. That track -- a hard, chunky rock song in the vein of "Money City Maniacs" -- is absolutely killer.

Sam Logan

Sep 18, 2006


See? Nothing about steaming vegetables! I was only joking, honest. I could never leave you guys waiting for weeks to see the follow-up to a comic like Friday's. It'd have to be a cliffhanger that was at least twice as frustrating for it to be worth it. Seriously!

Does today's comic leave you in dire need of a refresher course? How about some relevant hotlinks to save you some archive trolling? Aaron... This Is Your Life! Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C.

New Sloan tomorrow! Can you tell I am excited? I am excited.

Sam Logan

Sep 15, 2006


Tada! This is a good place in the story to take a pause, right? I think maybe starting on Monday I'll launch a tangental 8-week storyline about vegetable steaming.

In other news... Metroid Prime 3. Watching the video walkthrough of the new level Nintendo showed off yesterday has got me seriously excited about this game. (Which is admittedly easy to do, given how much I love the Prime series.) If this sucker was still a launch title, I might have broken my anti-early-adopter rule and bought a Wii on day one.

The other thing that might have convinced me is if Nintendo built one of these into the remote.

Sam Logan