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Regicide, Pt. 3

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Dec 1, 2006

A nice place for midwives and crossing guards

My one-armed uncle gave me a sword for my birthday once!

Today is the last day you can order shirts and books with guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery. If you don't want to gamble by ordering during the "highly probably pre-Christmas" delivery phase, today is your day!

Sam Logan

Nov 29, 2006

Let's go to the future where everything's happening!

The events that Mr. Blank recaps in today's comic originally took place in the newly categorized Volume III of the comic archive. Volumes II and III chronicle the full two-part tale of Sam's Ninja Mafia woes -- if you are interested in learning about their sordid history in more detail, now is a good time to dig in!

Kris Straub has a new website called Halfpixel, and he's using it to share a steaming swathe of his non-Starslip offerings. I'm particularly fond of time friends, which I assure you really builds up to something special by its sixth edition. Kris is a truly funny man, so go injest his works and laugh. And cry! And love!

Just a reminder: Friday is the last day to order books or tshirts with guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery. Pressure!

Sam Logan

Nov 27, 2006

Snowed In

It is snowing outside. Snowing, in November. I do not live in one of the parts of Canada where this is supposed to happen! In Victoria, snow is something that falls on a single, random January morning and melts away by lunchtime. But no, friends... at lunchtime today, the snow was still there. It was still there, just sitting and looking sinister. I think it is plotting something.

My shirt distributor has informed me that December 1st is the last day you can order t-shirts with assured pre-Christmas delivery. After that we enter the "probable" pre-Christmas delivery zone, then the "possible" delivery zone, the "extreme disappointment" delivery zone, and finally, the "Christmas 2007" delivery zone. Science!

I'm happy to report that three of our shirt designs will now be permanently available as babydoll ts. I've been getting quite a few requests for them throughout the year, and the Ninja Mafia, Skull Panda Loves Kitties, and My Cat Dreams of Spatulas designs have proven to be consistently popular in this form. Especially when people see me wearing them. (Don't ask.)

Sam Logan