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Tangent, Pt. 19

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Apr 2, 2007

Epic battle

Don't forget... this week, I will be appearing at the Sakura-con anime convention in Seattle.

And barring any unforeseen printing disasters, I'll be debuting a brand new piece of merchandise while I'm there. Click the image below to catch a small preview of the most awesome 11 x 17 poster you'll ever see.

Click here to see the full image

In a couple of weeks, these babies should be available to order online as well. Hot? Hot!

Sam Logan

Mar 30, 2007

Bonus Ninjas

I've got a rather large guest strip running over at Dr. McNinja today. You can check it out by clicking the image below!

Click here to read the full comic

Let me take this moment to apologize to the entire nation of Ireland.

Don't forget... next week, I will be appearing at the Sakura-con anime convention in Seattle. If you'd like to come visit me, now is the time to get your con pass -- and if you're a minor, to track down an 18+ friend or family member who can go with you. (Anime... dangerous without adult supervision!)

Sam Logan

Mar 28, 2007

Another dream

It exists. And boy, there's nothing like seeing NiGHTS on the cover of a modern gaming magazine to remind you of what a totally unmarketable character he is these days. That said, I'm glad to see he's still a goofy androgynous flying purple clown guy, rather than some sort of streetwise jester pimp who packs heat and jacks cars to earn "cred."

Of course, it's only one picture. Who knows... maybe in the game you can trick NiGHTS out with rims, chrome, black lights and fuzzy dice.

Sam Logan