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Memory Lapse, Pt. 1

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Apr 30, 2007

Corners of my mind

I am going to say painfully little about today's comic. In fact, that was it!

Dayfree milestones ahoy! It's hard to believe that Girly has reached 500 strips... I can still remember reading the first one the very day it launched! And on Friday, venerable webcomic institution Kristy vs. the Zombie Army will be hitting the big 1-0-0. Sure, these kind of milestones are a somewhat arbitrary thing to celebrate, but numbers with zeros are as good an excuse as any to link to good comics!

Sam Logan

Apr 27, 2007

Wub wub wub

When you're busy making your own comics all week, it's easy to miss out on all the great strips that keep popping up out there on the interwubs. I must have heard people mention Gunnerkrigg Court dozens of times before I actually got around to taking the plunge and reading it. Maybe you are the same way! Maybe this will be that one tipping-point link that finally gets you to jump in and find out how swell it is. Gunnerkrigg has been around too long to still be considered a "new" webcomic, but it is definitely still a "great" webcomic, and it's never too late to get in on that.

That's a wrap for Blackout! Next week: Sam and Fuzzy.

No, seriously!

Sam Logan

Apr 25, 2007


It's true... the posters are already sold out. As you'd expect, I am really happy that they were so well-liked! But I also feel bad that so many folks who wanted one didn't get the chance to pick one up. I will try to get a second printing together as quick as I can. Hopefully, they should be back on sale next week!

In other news, I have a facebook account. I signed up for it a few months ago in order to enter an online contest, then promptly forgot about it.

Or rather, I would have promptly forgotten about it except that ever since then, I've been getting all these email notifications indicating people are trying to "friend" me. Well, a few days ago I finally caved and started authorizing everybody. So now I'm all up on facebook. I'm facebooking up a storm, here.

Actually, I uh.. don't really understand what the point of sites like this are. I think these social networking sites are marking a turning point in my life -- the point where I officially no longer "get" what the kids are doing. Truly, I've taken my first step towards becoming a cranky old man. (At age 24).

But hey! I do have a facebook account. And look, there's already a Sam and Fuzzy fan group. If you like, you can find me in that "group" and make me your "friend". I'm pretty sure I can fake being with it for at least a little longer.

Get off my lawn!

Sam Logan