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Memory Lapse, Pt. 32

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Jul 11, 2007


I will not be attending this year's Connecticon, but do you know who will? Claire, my partner in life crimes and the author of the robot-laden Kitty-bot.

Claire will be sharing a booth with my arch-nemesis Jeph and peddling her hats and posters and mind-boggling robot papercraft model kits. They'll also be selling a decent selection of Sam and Fuzzy books and t-shirts. So, consider Claire and Jeph my ambassadors to the people of Connecticut. If you're going to be in the area, foreign diplomacy requires that you pay them a visit!

Sam Logan

Jul 9, 2007

We won't wise up so how can we rise up

One of my long-time favourite bands, Reel Big Fish, has just released a new album. It's their first studio outing since becoming an independent band, and it's filled with fun, upbeat ska numbers punctuated by occasional jabs of silly sophomoric humour and bad words. If you think that sounds like a good time, you can check out two of the songs -- "Party Down" and "New Version of You" -- on the band's My Space page. (Although for my money, "Will the Revolution Come" is the track that really sold me on it.)

In other news, don't forget that the arbitrary t-shirt 3-pack sale will arbitrarily end at the end of this week. If you and/or your friends need 3 new shirts in your life, now is the time to act. But then, maybe you don't need 3 shirts. Maybe what you really need is a book. Or a poster. Or perhaps some sort of Sam and Fuzzy-branded goat!

(The goats on sale next week.)

Sam Logan

Jul 6, 2007


Things you may have missed during the fervor of North American nation-celebrating earlier this week: a pair of extremely large Sam and Fuzzy comics ran on Monday and Wednesday, and discount t-shirt 3-packs reappeared in the online store!

See? Life on the internet keeps rolling on, even when you are busying yourself outside looking at fireworks and consuming questionably-priced beer.

Sam Logan