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Therapy, Pt. 9

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Sep 21, 2007

Bling blang blong

Man, can you believe that crazy exchange rate? I'm sure it's good news for some folks, but as a Canadian who makes his livelihood primarily by selling things to Americans in American dollars, it's incredibly depressing and essentially akin to getting hit with an unexpected salary cut.

Still, I want to give folks a heads up so that they can take advantage of our current price setup before I start rethinking it. A (slight) increase is unfortunately in the near future, but I promise I will keep it as microscopic as possible.

Sam Logan

Sep 19, 2007


If you read... well, any webcomics other than mine, there is a good chance that Monday's bonus Sam and Fuzzy guest strip was not the only cartoon you saw that day drawn by cartooning powerhouse Ryan Estrada.

Working diligently, and asking all us other webcartoonists not to spoil the surprise, Ryan crafted a good 30 + webcomic guest strips... which the rest of us then unleashed simultaneously. Linking to them all is a task that few are up to. Fortunately, Ryan is now gradually reposting them all on his own website.

It was a crazy undertaking, and well worth checking out. I think my buddy arch enemy Jeph said it best:

Ryan is so awesome.

If he did this every year it really WOULD be a webcomics holiday.

For us.

Not him.

Sam Logan

Sep 17, 2007

Super Hyper Awesome Bonus Guest Strip ++

As promised, here is an extra special guest strip from an extra special artist... my buddy Ryan Estrada, one of the nicest (and most prolific) webcartoonists around. Thanks, Ryan! You are a machine.

Meanwhile, our main story continues on Wednesday. Woosh!

Sam Logan