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Therapy, Pt. 1

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Sep 3, 2007


It was recently brought to my attention that several of the older Sam and Fuzzy features have been down since the site redesign. Whoops! So, to anyone who was wanting to read them, I give you... the ancient Christmas special, the even older Christmas special, the Christmas special that has aged much more gracefully, and the true-to-2003 How-To tutorial.

In other news, it's Labour Day! And what better way to celebrate than with the start of a brand new storyline? (Well, I do personally feel that purchasing indiscriminately might be a superior sensation, but I am a bit biased!)

Today is not just Labour Day. It is also, appropriately enough, my birthday! (I say 'appropriately' because everyone has to work a lot harder when I am around.) I am now officially a quarter-century old. And I have been a web cartoonist for an entire fifth of that!

Mind you, I've been drawing comics offline since I was six. I'd say it was too bad that I didn't get my work online sooner, but as anyone who has actually seen my thousands upon thousands of pre-web comic pages will tell you, it is definitely for the best that I didn't.

Sam Logan

Aug 31, 2007

And a one, two, three, four

Next week: a new story begins!

Prints mail out today! Apologies for the time it took to get them out, everyone. Shipping was delayed slightly while my computer -- which had all the order records and addresses on it -- was out of service.

And yes, for anyone who is interested, there are still a few prints left to purchase. The first 85 went quick enough, but I swear I feel like I've been sitting on these last 15 forever!

(Don't worry, potential buyers... I have not actually literally been sitting on them.)

Sam Logan

Aug 29, 2007

I'll never let go, Samus

This week's double whammy of triple-length strips was brought to you by me still not playing Metroid Prime 3 yet. If that's not dedication to the craft, I don't know what is!

A number of folks have sent in possible solutions to the Bioshock woes I mentioned on Monday, but I haven't actually had a chance to try any of those, either. This week, I've just been too busy... being a cartooning machine.


Sam Logan