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Regime Change, Pt. 10

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Mar 17, 2008

Particular skills

Ninjas, in fact, make excellent tables.

Our book two-pack sale continues all this week. I haven't had a chance to scan any of the custom sketches I've been drawing in them, so I can't post any pictures today like I'd hoped -- but I'll definitely have some ready for Wednesday's post. Scout's honour!

Sam Logan

Mar 14, 2008


A few folks have asked if it would be possible to extend the mini-book two-pack deal a little longer. Which is fair enough -- I guess I didn't give a lot of time or advance warning with this one, did I? So, I'm extending the sale for an extra week! Two packs, both with and without sketches inside, will remain on sale until March 23rd.

Meanwhile, on Monday I'll try to post some samples of some of the stranger sketches I've been doing in these things. It should be fun! (Or horrifying, depending on your constitution.)

Sam Logan

Mar 12, 2008

Return of the King

The story of how Sam became "qualified" to resurrect the Ninja Mafia was summarized pretty succinctly by Blank in Regicide. Alternately, if you're really feeling ambitious you can jump way back to the Empire and watch that summarized story unfold right before your eyes in real time, 2005 style!

Or, you can not read any of it. It's optional!

In the same sense that ice cream and puppies are optional.

Meanwhile, our book sale continues! If you have yet to pick up the Weekly World News and Noosehead dead-tree editions, this is a great chance to do so at "crazy" low prices.

Signed books with sketches are also available... just scroll down on the order page for more information. Any character is fair game, so don't be afraid to request something specific!

Sam Logan