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Regime Change, Pt. 21

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Apr 11, 2008


What a curious world we live in! At least now I can stop worrying about Roger offending too many parents -- unless, of course, he ever falls in love with a disembodied foot and decides to start a family.

Have a nice weekend, everyone. Our story continues on Monday!

Sam Logan

Apr 9, 2008

Fax me

Man, I hope this comic is dated in a few years. Heck, I wish it was dated already! The fax machine should already have been abolished from the face of the earth ages ago. Has anyone, anywhere, ever received a satisfactory fax? Has a fax ever brought anyone joy? And if it did, was it just because they misread it? Because "I love you" and "I loathe you" look kind of similar when printed at a DPI of (approximately) two.

Next time on Sam and Fuzzy: mimeograph jokes!

Sam Logan

Apr 7, 2008


Thank you for all the enthusiastic comments about this storyline! Nothing is more painful than sitting on a plot twist for months without telling anyone. (Other than Claire, of course... she knows everything!) It has been a huge relief to finally get these comics on the site and in front of everyone's eyeballs.

Meanwhile, Sonic has apparently been "unleashed"... but will it be any good? If it's anything like the last eight years of Sonic's home console outings, odds are low... painfully low. But watching that trailer, it would seem this new game has more in common with the DS's Sonic Rush series... the second installment of which was the first truly, unequivocally great Sonic game since 1994. Will this "Sonic Unleashed" follow in it's footsteps?

No, probably not!

(It's always a good idea to keep your expectations low to avoid disappointment.)

Sam Logan