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Stockholm Syndrome, Pt. 6

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Apr 25, 2008

100 percent efficiency

Don't blame Sid for his poor understanding of biology. Damn it, Jim... he's a musician, not a doctor!

Our story continues on Monday. Also arriving next week: two new shirt designs. One spreads the wisdom of Conscience Cat, while the other warns of the dangers of cowbells. In other words... serious business!

Sam Logan

Apr 23, 2008

On an island

Sid has been away a long time! Just think of all the things he's probably never heard of. High School Musical, Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana... basically the whole Disney Channel preteen food group! (Which I now realize I can apparently list by name entirely off the top of my head. How disturbing!)

Sam Logan

PS: Happy belated anniversary to Girly, an excellent long-running webcomic that is currently operating at peak hilarity.

Apr 21, 2008

Emerald City

Just a reminder, everyone... my first con of the year is Emerald City in Seattle, May 10th and 11th! I'll be sharing a booth with Jeph and Jeff, while many of my other webcartooning friends -- not to mention a metric ton of amazing talent from the print comics world -- will be elsewhere on the floor. Just check out this guest list! I am really looking forward to it!

And what about the rest of the year? Well, after considerable deliberation, I think I've decided to sit out this year's San Diego Comic-con. The truth is, I can only do so many conventions a year... and after three SD Comic-cons in a row I've gotten a little bit burned out on it.

But on the bright side, skipping it should allow me to do a couple of new shows instead. For one, it looks like I will finally be heading to Connecticon this year. Nothing else is set in stone yet, but I will keep you posted!

Sam Logan