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Revenge of Fuzzy-Brand™, Pt. 9

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Mar 14, 2003

Nothing more to see here

And the mighty Revenge of Fuzzy-Brand™ storyline comes to a close. Hope you guys liked it.

The Official Clan Bubbles Website is now up and running! If anyone is interested in seeing what a Counter-Strike clan website designed by the same team that brought you the Sam and Fuzzy site looks like, this is it. Scary, no?

I just saw the strangest thing on the CBC. (that's the Canadian Broadcasting Company's TV station, for the uninitiated.) It was a ballet, but performed with three long-necked yellow excavators. It was called Pretty Big Dig, and it was made by some woman from Newfoundland. I think this kind of creative outburst is the result of living a climate where you have to stay indoors four months of the year. And somehow, I think that Jeff from Wigu would appreciate this, given the backhoe-laden-ness of his recent work.

See you all next week!

Sam Logan

Mar 12, 2003

Freedom Fries

If Fuzzy's ownership of the Studmaster name confuses you, you might want to consider taking a look at this previous storyline. Or, you could just speculate. Maybe he inherited it when his dear old uncle Mortimer bought the farm in a tragic bowling accident.

And then there is the matter of this news story. Don't worry, kids. This is all a part of the pre-war strategy. The idea is to lull the Iraqi army into a false sense of security by making them think that everyone in the American administration is a raving moron.

Don't worry, America! You don't look silly at all. Truly, we all recognize the mighty moral victory that is "Freedom Toast."

Sam Logan

Mar 10, 2003

I was the turkey all along!

The points of order for the day are astounding both in number and diversity, if not in worldly relevance.

First of all, there is a new image up in the gallery. This is a piece of art I did for the Clan Bubbles website, which I'm working on with some friends of mine.

Secondly, if you haven't already seen it, I thrust you in the general direction of Penny Arcade, where Gabe and Tycho are up to something really awesome. Perhaps you would rather be seeing regular Penny Arcade strips instead of Cardboard Tube Samurai. Perhaps you wouldn't know magesty if it bit you on the face.

Finally, the Revenge of Fuzzy-Brandâ„¢ storyline comes to its earth-shattering conclusion this Friday. After this thing there will probably be some other thing. Such is the way of things.

Sam Logan