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Showdown, Pt. 11

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Sep 10, 2008


I've probably seen Conscience Cat misspelled or misspoke as "Conscious Cat" dozens of times since the character first debuted... but no matter how many times I do, it never stops being funny to me. (I guess I'm pretty easily amused.)

Just a reminder: if you have been waiting for an excuse to bring some Sam and Fuzzy clothing into your life... here it is! T-shirt 3-packs, providing you with a savings of seven entire dollars from now until September 21st. Let the rationalizing begin!

Sam Logan

Sep 8, 2008

Pack it in

It's true... the Custom T-shirt 3-pack is back from the dead! For the next two weeks, you can save an extra $7 (or $12 for international orders) when you order any three t-shirts of your choice. Think of it as a sort of poorly timed back-to-school sale!

Just head over this way if you need to remind yourself of our design selection. Believe it or not, our store has grown to the point where there are 15 different shirts available. Just think of how long you could go without doing your laundry! (Actually... don't.)

Sam Logan

Sep 5, 2008


Today's comic touches on Sid and Nic's pre- and post-relationship woes, which were a major narrative staple of the first year of Volume 4. If you have yet to dip that far back into the archive, now is as good a time as any! But to make a long story short, back in the day, Sid's intolerance of Nicole's new boyfriends was kind of legendary.

Thank you everyone who wrote in with birthday wishes! (Consisting primarily, I think, of people who were reminded by Facebook!) Yes, I am now 26 freakin' years old, believe it or not. (I certainly don't!)

Sam Logan