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Hazel, Pt. 1

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Apr 20, 2009


I thought I'd just made the name up off the top of my head, but apparently Maltwood is actually the name of one of the galleries at my old university. Makes you wonder what other sinister subconscious forces are influencing my work without me realizing!

Meanwhile, even after a good month or two of use, I think I still don't really quite "get" Twitter. Every time I start to type something up, I find myself struggling to decide whether or not it's actually worth posting. Unless I can spin it into some sort of joke, it usually never sees the light of day. But I guess that kind of restraint and self-editing kind of goes against the whole purpose of the thing, doesn't it?

-Sam Logan

Apr 17, 2009

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Aubergine Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Why no colors?" -Matt

It's nothing personal! I like working in colour, and do so pretty frequently thanks to YES Mag. But I've just always had a soft spot for black and white work, and black and white comics in particular. There are just certain effects and moods and contrasts you can get that can't really be done with full colour work.

Not that there aren't plenty of things you can do with colour that can't be done with black and white, too! But everything in Sam and Fuzzy, from the style to the characters to the locations, was designed specifically with black and white visuals in mind. It's become such a defining characteristic of the strip that I can't really picture it any other way.

"Will your books ever be available for Amazon's Kindle?" -Ryan

Randall humoured me and let me use his Kindle a little at the Webcomics Weekend. It was the first time I'd ever seen one before! It's not really the kind of thing I'd rush out to get myself, but I can see why some people are really taking to it. It's certain more comfortable than any of the other electronic readers I've ever seen.

Porting Sam and Fuzzy over to the Kindle isn't really something I'm working on just yet, and I'm not actually sure if the Kindle's screen is wide enough to display the full width of one of my comics at a sufficient resolution. But if the thing keeps catching on, it's certainly something I'll look into.

"Will there ever be mention of Sam's Satan/Stan tattoo again? " -Opie

Probably! Sam's tattoo -- aka the mark of the devil -- is just as prohibitively expensive to remove now as it was when he got it.

"And what about that horse? You know the one..." -Opie

Which one? The one...

...named Hidalgo?

No. There won't be any more mentions of him. Especially not this one.

A new story begins on Monday! See you then.

-Sam Logan

Apr 15, 2009

It's madness

Novelty musical adaptations can be kind of a mixed bag, but Reefer Madness really surprised me. The sharp writing and catchy songs were nothing to sniff at, but it was the pitch-perfect comedic physical performances and body language paired with nearly every number that really sold me on it. Maybe I was just caught off guard, but I was really impressed by how tight the production was. Even the token animated sequence was well put together!

"Help Wanted" wraps up on Friday! Tune in then for the big finale, plus another "exciting" round of Q and A!

-Sam Logan