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Buyer Beware, Pt. 13

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Nov 2, 2009

X-treme webcomic watch

Have you seen the new chapter of Octopus Pie? Sometimes I miss reading the strip every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... but boy, it sure is nice to wake up one morning to an entire, completed chapter you can read all in one go.

Or what about Bad Machinery? It is the "new thing" from John Allison, who as you may have heard, is the the best at webcomics. If you haven't been reading it, then you missed Ryan's beard. For shame!

Or Anders Loves Maria! It's back from hiatus, you know, and quickly barreling towards the grand finale... which, like everything that has happened in the comic, can be anticipated with equal parts excitement and dread.

These, my friends, are some fine comics! And you can read them right here. Well, not right here. But nearby. (Sort of.)

-Sam Logan

Oct 30, 2009

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Tunnel Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Why don't you have a volume 5 shortcut on the comic archive homepage? I don't think that any of these new NMS comics pertain to Noosehead, of course that is unless you have some super secret unbelievable plot twist coming up!" -Jacob

Augh, you're right! I kept putting that off for so long that I forgot I had to do it altogether. But I've gone ahead and added it now. Kind of embarrassing, considering this volume only has two more storylines left before it is over!

Unlike "Noosehead", I'm writing our current "big story" as a series of shorter volumes, instead of one gigantic one. ("Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem" is the first.) That way, the volumes should translate quite nicely (hopefully) into a series of books!

"In this comic, in the first frame's top left hand corner there is some sort of 'XXX' feature being advertised. What's the full name of this movie? " -Branden

"Live Whale XXX". And it's not a movie!

"As a long time 'Sam and Fuzzy' reader and a long time 'Questionable Content' reader I want to see a Pintsize/Fuzzy crossover a la the 'Jetsons Meet the Flintstones.' When will this happen?" -Dan

Dan, this crossover happens at virtually every convention Jeph and I attend together... usually taking the form of violent/offensive battle sketches. Forum reg Agrajag shared his in this thread. I'm sure there are others floating around elsewhere on the internet!

"I too feel the pain of Ice Shriekbats. So, on the note, what's your opinion of Metroid Prime Trilogy, if you have played it of course?" -Fumbles

The original Metroid Prime is a Special Game... a uniquely immersive, hyper-polished piece of interactive science fiction. And its sequels provide two extremely compelling -- if surprisingly different -- variations on the original's formula. It's great to see them all collected on one regular-priced disc, especially from Nintendo... a company that only a few years back was asking gamers to spend more than 20 dollars on flipping Donkey Kong.

But seriously... #@)(*% those #$)%(@ Ice Shriekbats!

Have a great Halloween, everyone! See you on Monday.
-Sam Logan

Oct 28, 2009

Single Tear

A moment, friends, to curse the dreaded Ice Shriekbat, which has foiled yet another attempt to complete Metroid Prime's creature index. The little buggers only appear in one room, at one time, before disappearing forever. And they look exactly like regular Shriekbats! How would you even know they were different? How would you even know?

Feel my pain!

We return on Friday, with less whining and more comics and Q and As! See you then.

-Sam Logan