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Guest: Brian Carroll

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Feb 1, 2010

Today's strip by Instant Classic's Brian Carroll

As long, longtime readers will likely remember, Brian was one of my very first allies way back in those dangerous early days of the webcomics wild west. Man, you couldn't walk two feet around here without tripping over a link to Instant Classic. And there's lots of material in those old Sam and Fuzzy comics that Brian helped bring to life... perhaps most notably Rikk Estoban's Air Panda Collection.

Well, awhile back, old Brian kind of fell off the internet. Or to be more accurate, fell off, and then got back on, and then fell off and got on and fell off again. But to make a long story short, we just kind of lost touch, and I didn't get to talk to Bri much for many years. But then, I saw him at the Webcomics Weekend last year, and was happy to learn that he is back online and making webcomics again. Thank goodness!

So, please enjoy today's epic guest strip. We may not know each other as well as we once did, but clearly, the man still knows Sam and Fuzzy like the back of his hand. Thanks, Brian!

-Sam Logan

Jan 29, 2010

Today's strip by Ryan Estrada

Ryan Estrada -- Sam and Fuzzy's most notorious serial guest stripper. The kind that draws comic strips, I mean. How many comic strips, you ask? Click the links to view 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (plus 6 and 7, which can be found in the newsposts of their respective days.) And today brings comic #8, in which he taps one of our oldest running gags. (Well, two of them, technically... but when doesn't Ryan use Future Fuzzy?)

Ryan has had a lot of different projects over the years. His current baby is an independent animated feature, which you can learn all about right over here!

That's a wrap for this week, folks. But tune in on Monday, where we kick off O-GAWD's second half. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Jan 28, 2010

Today's strip by Gastrophobia's David McGuire

Today's patriotic ode to the merits of safe, natural corn syrup is brought to you by David McGuire. When he is not busy preaching the sweetener gospel, he is also responsible for Gastrophobia -- a fantastic webcomic that is every bit as good for you and with only half the calories. Plus, it doesn't have any of these lame forced dietary metaphors.

Fun side note: in Canada, our Coke and Pepsi products don't contain a drop of corn syrup. True story! They're sweetened entirely with sugar beavers.

Our next guest strip arrives tomorrow. See you then!

-Sam Logan