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Inhuman, Pt. 2

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Feb 10, 2010

The end is near

A moment of your time, t-shirt wearers! Over at Topatoco, we are closing out some of our beloved but elderly t-shirt designs. They all had a good run -- "I'm Communism" was the second shirt I ever made! -- but now the time has come to send them off and make way for new swag.

T-shirts soon to be gone forever and ever:
I'm Capitalism
I'm Communism
Skull Panda Loves Kitties
Skull Panda Head
Can't Dance
Dr. Crab

If you would like to secure one of any of the below for yourself, act quick, or live a life of regret and shame.

-Sam Logan

Feb 8, 2010


We're back, and ready to shake things up with the final chapter of Volume 5! Hold on to your... keyboards? Mice. Whatever!

Thanks again to all the amazing artists who filedl my shoes for the last two weeks. We had some truly, truly incredible guest strips this year. Did you miss any of them? Just click the links below to view Sam and Fuzzy as interpreted by:

Lars Brown (Northworld)
Michael Stearns (Dawn of Time)
KC Green (Gunshow)
David McGuire (Gastrophobia)
Ryan Estrada (The Kind You Don't Take to Your Mother)
Brian Carroll (Instant Classic)
Tom Siddell (Gunnerkrigg Court)
Michael Lalonde (Orneryboy)
Andrew Hussie (MS Paint Adventures)
Jon Gray (Disney Comics/Chip and Walter)

You guys outdid yourselves, and I am thrilled and intimidated by the great comics you did for me. Thank you!

-Sam Logan

Feb 5, 2010

Today's strip by Jon Gray

Today's comic was drawn by Mr. Jon Gray. (Well, except for the parts that I drew back in 2005!) Much like Brian's strip on Monday, Jon's contribution to O-GAWD is so mired in Sam and Fuzzy continuity that I'm not going to even try to explain it. If you don't know who Candice or Carlyle are, if you are not sure why DJ Positive is important or what relationship exists between time and sombreros ... then, uh, I guess you have a few hundred comics to read!

Jon's current gig is with Boom! Studio's Disney books -- you can see his work gracing the cover of next week's issue 703 of the long running Walt Disney's Comics and Stories. Prior to that, you may also have seen his work in Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic, or in one of his old webcomics. Jon's a good bud of mine and I'm glad he could step in for the O-GAWD finale!

Next week: I am back in the saddle, with the action-packed final chapter of Volume 5! See you then.

-Sam Logan