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Sell Out, Pt. 6

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Jun 25, 2010

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Eyebrow Edition
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"Does Devahi live in a house or an apartment building? The reason I ask is because whenever the outside is shown, it looks like a bunch of apartments and office buildings, but in conversation it seems like she lives in an 'attic' with Renaldo." -Jordan

Picture a multi-use tower filled primarily with medium-sized studio spaces for artists and small businesses. Dev lives in a very small apartment unit appended to Renaldo's suite... not a literal "attic", but a tiny living space that was probably never intended to be rented separately. Building managers can be very creative!

"How has Fuzzy so effectively and nonviolently kept people from asking about his eyebrows lately?" -Daniel

People generally avoid asking Fuzzy any questions related to his... condition. After all, they don't want to look stupid or insensitive! I guess Lance is just an exceptionally confident individual.

By the way, readers, Daniel also found the comic that shows the scar on Fuzzy's head that Agni was asking about in last week's Q and A. (And a couple of strips later, the "small" I was referring to.) I think I intended it to be shading, but... well... Cheeseball IS a dangerous sport.

"Since Dev came into the story she’s been having bad luck all the way.
Is she ever going to have some good luck, like having enough money to pay for her apartm… no wait, her attic? Because I just feel seriously bad for her… like tears bad…" -Avael

I'm afraid not! Unfortunately, abusing my characters is how I satiate all my sociopathic urges. Look forward to next month's story, Adventures in Refridgerators!

That's a wrap for this week. See you on Monday!
-Sam Logan

Jun 23, 2010

Old toys

At first, Toy Story 3 struck me as a bad idea. The second movie had seemingly done the impossible by matching (and in my opinion, topping) the first, and had left things on a great note. Why sully it all with a completely unnecessary triple dip?

Well, maybe it wasn't necessary, but it sure was a heck of an encore. It may have had a bit too much of the Pixar schmaltz in places, and it lifted from Brave Little Toaster even more liberally than the first two did... but it was a great escape flick, with strong characterization and completely disarming dramatic oomph. (And some beautifully animated dancing -- take that, Happy Feet!)

So what can I say? I was wrong. By the apocalyptic climax, Toy Story 3 had convinced me that Toy Story 3 was actually a good idea. And that's about the highest compliment I could have given it. Just like the second film (which began as a direct-to-video production with severe script problems), an ill-advised project eventually grew into something really special. Good job, Pixar!

You still haven't sold me on Cars 2, though.

-Sam Logan

Jun 21, 2010


A busy weekend makes for a short Monday newspost. But here is a new comic for you! Enjoy!

-Sam Logan