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Oct 19, 2011

New swag now on sale!

Holy smokes, team! A pair of new Sam and Fuzzy items just went on sale in our Topatoco store, and I'm so excited about them, I can barely restrain myself from using all caps!


Ahem, sorry! The first item is a Conscience Cat whiteboard. Long-time readers will know that this is something I've been dying to make ever since we did our first Conscience Cat print way back in the dark ages of the strip. Well, now it is a reality... a real thing that you can hang in your home. (Or stick to your fridge using the included magnets!)

And second, we have a brand new t-shirt: Rewrite History: Add More Dinosaurs. I am not going to lie, guys... I am super proud of this one. I am so happy with how the print turned out! I think it's one of the best designs I've ever made, and also probably my best-ever drawing of Mr. Rexford. You can really feel the dignity.

I hope you guys love these things as much as I do. And if you do, you know where to find 'em!

-Sam Logan

Oct 17, 2011

There's shots for everything nowadays

A new week begins! And this time... it's personal. (No, I'm not sure what I meant by that, either.)

But seriously... there's lots of fun things to look forward to. For example, I (re)watched the film version of the Producers musical this weekend, so I can look forward to an entire week of having Prisoners of Love stuck in my head. Thanks a lot, Mel Brooks! (You brilliant bastard.)

-Sam Logan

PS: Did you see my guest strip for Hijinks Ensue? You can read the whole embarrassing affair by clicking the image below:

Click here to view the full strip!

Oct 14, 2011

Hijinks Ensued

First order of business... check out the very special Hijinks Ensue guest strip I drew for my pal Joel! A kind of spiritual successor to the guest strip he did for me a few months back, I think it demonstrates with absolute authority why I should never draw a pop-culture strip. Or alternately, why I should draw them all the time. It depends on your perspective.

Click here to view the full strip!

Second order of business...

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Second Order Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"What if Sam & Fuzzy had Pirates in it instead of Ninjas? What would be different? (Except Everything)." -Daniel

To be honest, I think very little would be different! The "ninjaness" of the Ninja Mafia has always been a sort of... aesthetic veneer. It's their strangely bureaucratic traditions, internal class system, imperial hierarchy, and cult-like membership -- none of which are based on any real ninja (or mafia!) organization -- that have really defined their role in the story. I imagine things would have unfolded very similarly even if their members were running around with hats and cutlasses instead of katanas and ski masks.

"What are the things in Nicole's hair in this current story? Are they guitars, or squids, or guitar squids?" -Zack

Skull hair clips! But I know, it's hard to tell in these web resolution comics... especially when they are upside down most of the time. It's a bit easier to see them in the art for the Evil Diva print.

"There seems to be a number of irregularities in Christmas of Terror regarding Fuzzy's cousin Trevor. Would you care to explain them?" -Shparky

That Christmas comic is actually part of an older, pre-internet Sam and Fuzzy series. I've actually used a few other comics from this dark era in some of our past Book Club bonus packs!

Suffice to say,when Sam and Fuzzy restarted as a webcomic, I more-or-less rebooted the plot and started from scratch. And old Trevor is one of elements that never made the transition. I always thought I'd bring him over eventually, at least in the early days -- but once the new Fuzzy's mysterious "one of a kind" backstory was established, it didn't make much sense for him to have a cousin.

Of course, Fuzzy has an entire underground town full of "cousins" now... so never say never!

"Is vitamin Q really essential for the formation of healthy bone hinges? Do you regret not getting more vitamin Q from Fig Pig related products as a child? Also, will you please make a print of the sad pirate dinosaur? It looks so good as a background that I need it framed on my wall next to bat-fuzzy and mega-man! " -Samuel

Well, check your bone hinges, Samuel! Are they healthy? Heck, can you even find hinges in your bones at all? If not, you obviously grew up Q-deficient, and must now live with the consequences.

What do the rest of you think? Do you need a physical Sad Pirate Dinosaur print in your life? Drop me a line and let me know!

That's a wrap for this week, team. Sse you on Monday!

-Sam Logan