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The Wychwood Demos, Pt. 1

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Oct 5, 2011

Bonus time

Our first bundle of bonuses has been emailed out to all our Book Club members! Is there anyone our there still waiting for theirs? If so, just email me and let me know! (But be sure to check your spam filters, junk boxes and mesh nets to make sure it didn't just get stuck somewhere along the way.)

It's been awhile since we've seen the members of the-band-formerly-known-as-Noosehead! I hope you missed them as much as I missed drawing them. Come back on Friday for more musical shenanigans.

-Sam Logan

Oct 3, 2011


Thus concludes my little two-strip adventure into drawing comics with Dinosaurs in them. (I'm no Michael Stearns, but I think I did OK!) Our next proper chapter kicks off on Wednesday.

Today's the day: our first Book Club bonus pack for Sam and Fuzzy Vol. 2 will be emailing out to all our happy book owners later this afternoon. I hope you all enjoy them! I had a lot of fun writing the commentary for the old comics in particular... these comics were from an important turning point in Sam and Fuzzy history, so there was a lot to talk about this time!

-Sam Logan

(PS: If you missed the ordering deadline and are now extremely sad, I can still hook you up if you want to pick up a book now. Just email after and we'll make the magic happen.)

Sep 30, 2011

Today's comic was originally going to be a stand-alone. Then... I got a little carried away. The end result? A Rexford two-parter. Come back on Monday for the second half!

Just a reminder... this Sunday is the last day to get in on the first Book Club bonus pack! Our big bundle of exclusive desktops and mysterious never-before-seen early Sam and Fuzzy comics (complete with my rambling commentary) will be emailing out on Monday to anyone and everyone who has picked up a copy of our new book, Sam and Fuzzy Are Very Famous. If you want 'em too, just make sure you've ordered your copy of the book before the deadline, and you'll receive them automatically. Like MAGIC.

I'm out of town right now, so I'll need to skip our traditional Friday Q and A this week... but I'll answer some extra questions next time to make up for it. Scout's honour!

-Sam Logan