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Oct 7, 2011

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Millions of Dollars Edition
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"Why is a Raven like a writing desk? No, seriously." -Emily

Both are flat on the top, both are made out of wood, and both need to be regularly varnished. Next question!

"Is Fuzzy ever going to help NMS out with his millions of dollars? Or is this part of the plot and I shouldn't have asked? " -Alex

On the one hand, Sam is pretty determined to stand on his own two feet and not turn to his friends for charitable investments. In that back-linked strip, they're talking about Nicole, but I imagine he'd feel the same way about Fuzzy.

On the other hand, Fuzzy is not likely to wait for Sam's permission to start slinging money around. So it depends entirely on what Fuzzy decides to do! And what your definition of "help" is.

"When Fuzzy refused to do some immoral side operations behind Sam's back, I thought it seemed really out of character. I found a very similar situation here, only Fuzzy was all too willing to go behind Sam's back, because Fuzzy wanted to earn money his own way through cons and schemes. He also clearly has no problems with extorting. And Fuzzy has always loved the way the original ninja mafia did things. So why the sudden character shift? Has being around Sam rubbed off on Fuzzy? Or is it the curse of being changed into a relatable character watering down his wackiness?" -Dan

I like your question, Dan! And not just because it's enormous and full of backlinks.

Has Fuzzy softened a little over the years? Absolutely. But not that much. Fuzzy's appetite for cons and extortion is still very healthy. So I think you can attribute his reluctance entirely to the repercussions Sin's plan would have for Sam.

Fuzzy is happy to encourage Sam to bend the rules -- or to outright bend them for him -- when he thinks it's good for Sam. The classic story you mentioned is a great example of that. But pulling a scheme that could potentially throw Sam's entire life under a metaphorical bus? Would Fuzzy really go that far?

I guess we'll all find out in the comics ahead!

"Have you ever considered doing a print/desktop with the cast of Sam and Fuzzy as the cast of Psychonauts? I hardcore LOVE that game and I think you could pull it off." -Kimberly

Kimberly, I love Psychonauts. But unfortunately, I'm under the impression that the number of other people who have experienced Psychonauts is tragically low. Because of that, I'm not sure the demand for a Psychonauts parody will be very strong!

I'd love to be proven wrong, though. Book Clubbers, let me know if this is a thing you want! And if any of you haven't played Psychonauts... please, please play Psychonauts!

"My first which is admittedly prying: How much revenue does Sam and Fuzzy generate? I know you also work on YES Mag and KNOW magazines, but I've always been curious what web-cartoonists mean when they say they can 'support themselves' on the comic." -Indigno

Indigno, I feel your pain. Webcartoonists get asked this, overtly or indirectly, all the time. And why wouldn't they? Lots of folks want to pursue a career in webcomics. They want to know how viable it is. They want to know if "making a living" means owning a house and a car, or sleeping on a sofa in your Uncle's basement.

The problem is, well... income is a pretty private thing! I think most of the people reading today would be reluctant to publicly announce how much they make in front of an audience of tens of thousands of people. And I think you'll find most webcartoonists feel the same way. I'm sure you understand!

That said, I can tell you this much: Yes, webcartooning is a real job. A real, serious adult-person job that is paying many people a real, serious adult-person living. (Or in my case, about half of one, with the other half coming from magazine work.) I promise they aren't just making, like, pizza money. They are supporting their kids and buying houses and feeding their dogs, just like regular grown-ups. It's not a lie. Just trust me on this one. I know a lot of webcartoonists. (And also, I am one!)

"This stuff with The Committee and them all having numbers... is it at all influenced by season 4 of hit TV show Prison Break, starring Wentworth Miller? " -Joshua

Good god... there were four seasons of Prison Break?

Well, that's a wrap for this week! Come back on Monday for more comics, team.

-Sam Logan

Oct 5, 2011

Bonus time

Our first bundle of bonuses has been emailed out to all our Book Club members! Is there anyone our there still waiting for theirs? If so, just email me and let me know! (But be sure to check your spam filters, junk boxes and mesh nets to make sure it didn't just get stuck somewhere along the way.)

It's been awhile since we've seen the members of the-band-formerly-known-as-Noosehead! I hope you missed them as much as I missed drawing them. Come back on Friday for more musical shenanigans.

-Sam Logan

Oct 3, 2011


Thus concludes my little two-strip adventure into drawing comics with Dinosaurs in them. (I'm no Michael Stearns, but I think I did OK!) Our next proper chapter kicks off on Wednesday.

Today's the day: our first Book Club bonus pack for Sam and Fuzzy Vol. 2 will be emailing out to all our happy book owners later this afternoon. I hope you all enjoy them! I had a lot of fun writing the commentary for the old comics in particular... these comics were from an important turning point in Sam and Fuzzy history, so there was a lot to talk about this time!

-Sam Logan

(PS: If you missed the ordering deadline and are now extremely sad, I can still hook you up if you want to pick up a book now. Just email after and we'll make the magic happen.)