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Nov 4, 2011

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Tablet Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"So, you have a fanshy, smanshy tablet . . . Does this mean your style will change? Or will you stick with the classic ink look?" -Timmy

I don't have any plans to switch Sam and Fuzzy over to tablet-drawn art, no! I got it mainly as a new tool to learn for other art projects. I suppose, in theory, if I got incredibly good with it, I might eventually consider switching... but only if I was 100% confident that I could maintain the look of the strip, and that the switch would be completely imperceptible.

And trust me, right now there is no danger of that happening. I'm terrible with this thing! I'd planned to do the Halloween sketches with it, but within minutes I was back to using ink and paper. On the plus side, that meant that I wound up with some original physical drawings! Speaking of which...

"So are you going to sell any of the halloween sketches? Or are they all gone?" -Jacob

Quite a few of them are gone, but I've still got three Twitter Halloween Costume Draw-o-thon drawings that weren't scooped up by their original request-ers. That means they are now up for grabs to the first person who wants to give them a good home. And since they're already-completed pieces that I drew just for fun, I'm going to let them go for $20 a piece instead of my usual commission rates.

If you're interested, just pop me an email! (And be patient if I don't answer right away... I might just be asleep or away from my computer. I promise I'll offer them to folks in the order I receive the requests.) Here's what we've got left:

Sam as a milkmaid (for some reason)

Fuzzy as spooky internet meme Slenderman (Slenderbear?)


And my personal favourite, Fuzzy as Farscape's Scorpius (Well, technically Harvey.)


"When Fuzzy mentions "crowbars" as an illegal substance in strip 1483, is it a reference to Drugged Part 1?" -Thomas

Yes! What can I say? No way could I resist that one.

"In strip 1176, Hazel tells Rexford 'We are going to forget this entire embarrassing fiasco ever happened.' In the previous panel, Brain had jumped on Rexford's head and there were a lot of intense squiggly lines. Did Brain alter Rexford's memory to make him literally forget the whole ordeal? If that's the case, what on earth did Rexford think he was doing hanging from some rubble off the side of the building? Or is that one of the ways the dinosaurs went extinct?" -Brenna

You are on to something, Brenna! We'll learn more about how Brain's abilities really work further down the line. But Rexford sure seemed to be left in a sort of dazed, almost actively refusing-to-think-about-it state when all was said and done, didn't he?

That's a wrap for this week, team. We return on Monday. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Nov 2, 2011

Well, the Great Twitter Halloween Costume Draw-Off turned out to be a lot of fun! I got so many costume suggestions... it pains me to have left the vast, vast majority of them un-drawn. But alas, I am only one man! Here's the few I was able to crank out:

Devahi as Raven (with Buddy as a sort-of Beast Boy)

Sam as a milkmaid (for some reason)

Ox as... an Ox

Fuzzy as Slenderman (Slenderbear?)

Fuzzy as Nightmare

Sam and Nicole as Kif and Amy

And last but not least, Fuzzy as Scorpius

It seems like a shame to just leave this poor guys lingering in my massive fileboxes of drawings, so I think I might actually experiment with selling them off to good homes. I'll let you all know soon... after I give the original idea requesters a chance to exercise first dibs, of course!

Without question, the craziest part of the costume draw-off was when my pals JJ and Angela joined in. You have to see their takes on Sam and Fuzzy as (mostly) various video game characters:

More Pokemon!
MORE Pokemon! Plus Chewbacca, and Shaun of the Dead!
Zelda Madness!
Phoenix Wright! Beaker and Honeydew! Knuckles!
Final Fantasy stuff!
Street Fighter!
More Street Fighter!

All in all, it was a blast. We'll have to do this kind of thing more often!

Anyhow, come back on Friday for more comics, plus our traditional Friday Q and A. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Oct 31, 2011


Happy Halloween, team! I know, It's not a holiday I usually memorialize with a comic... but I always want to. And this year I remembered!

It was fun trying to figure out what kind of costumes the Sam and Fuzzy cast would really, actually wear. (Sam was actually the hardest!) What characters and critters would you have dressed them as? Let me know on the twitters. I think I might even sketch a couple of the best suggestions... seems like a good way to practice learning to use this flippin' tablet.

Anyhow, we return to our regularly scheduled programming on Wednesday. 'Til then... don't eat too much junk food!

-Sam Logan