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Jul 14, 2003

Celebrate good times

Can you believe that this is the 150th Sam and Fuzzy comic? Ironically, half of the duo isn't even in it. Er... or would both of them have to be missing for it to be ironic? Maybe this is half ironic -- Haronic, if you will.

My guest strip for Ctrl Alt Delete will be running this funny. I mean, Friday. That was a freudian slip. One which indicates the strip is rocksome.

Sam Logan

Jul 11, 2003

Can you taste... the passion!

What has Sam done? He's gone and made a massive update to the gallery. He's also created a little section in the gallery for fanart. Crazy kid.

Ctrl Alt Delete is running a series of guest strips all next week, starting on Sunday, and one of them was drawn by myself! Don't miss it.

Sam Logan

Jul 9, 2003

Bold Italic

Do you remember Future Fuzzy? Of course you do!

Say... if you are one of the six people in the world other than myself who still likes ska music, check out the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra! Sometimes it is startling to think of how much good music you never hear because it never leaves its regional bubble. Curse you, unexperimental record labels! Thank you, internet! Unrelated assertations, dairy farmers!

Dayfree Press comic of the moment: Butternut Squash. All I can say is... wow. This strip has that all too rare combination of witty writing and fantastic art, and I love it to pieces.

Wait... I said something other then "wow," even though I said that was all I could say. THIS WEBSITE IS A BROTHEL OF LIES.

Sam Logan