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Animal Kingdom, Pt. 37

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Feb 15, 2012

In transit

Shannon and I are making our way back from Los Angeles today, so excuse the relative radio-silence down here and enjoy today's comic! There is only one more strip left in our "Animal Kingdom" chapter, and it's a doozy.

Tune in on Friday for that, and also a fresh round of reader Q and A! (And if you've got a question you want added to the pile, just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!)

-Sam Logan

Feb 13, 2012

Shannon and I are in Los Angeles today, visiting with webcomics pals and experiencing theme parks. But a new comic arrives all the same, thanks to the magic of advance preparation. Enjoy!

And speaking of comics... you're remembering to keep up with the new Skull Panda website, right? I mention it because I am terrified of the violent repercussions that may befall me if I don't. It is true that some of the strips on there will be familiar to longtime Sam and Fuzzy readers, but there's plenty of new comics turning up, too!

-Sam Logan

Feb 10, 2012

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Fridge Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"I am considering purchasing Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem, and was wondering how this worked. Do I consult with Sam and Fuzzy, or do I just assault my problems with this novel until they are solved? "(On a mildly related note, with the S&F FYP and S&F AVF what kind of artwork do you draw on the bookplates? Is it random sketches, or is it S&F related?)" -Brandon

Well, Fix Your Problem is 368 pages long. With that kind of weight, there are probably a lot of problems you could solve simply by hitting them with the book!

The bookplates feature lovingly-crafted drawings of Sam and Fuzzy characters like these and these! The particular character you will receive is a surprise, but I use a different set of characters for each book to make sure no one winds up with the same character twice when they buy both volumes!

"Was any of the general ninja mafiosos' appearance - and of Mr. Black and Mr. Blank in special - inspired in the Madness flash animation series? Because the design for them and the standard Madness characters look really alike!" -Bernardo

Total coincidence! Honestly, the sort of plus shape on Mr. Blank and Mr. Black's otherwise blank masks was originally added only so you could tell which way they were facing. Over time, the shape mutated into something more stylized and expressive. (It turns out drawing a character with no facial expressions at all is not very much fun!)

"Back when Fuzzy was working with Hazel and Brain, they tried to steal the Band of Something-or-Other to sell to the Ninja Emperor, but Mr. Blank beat them to it. Does this mean Hazel and Brain never got close enough to the Ninja Emperor to read his mind and get his Numbers? And might that in turn mean that they still need those Numbers to get to the Pit? And would that imply they’ll be coming after the current Ninja Emperor sooner or later…? Related: when Fridge possessed people, he seemed to be able to read their memories; does this mean that before Candice killed him, he knew about the Committee, the Numbers, and the Pit?" -Harold

Those are some really interesting questions! To answer only one of them, at random, without identifying which one: yes.

-Sam Logan