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Empire, Pt. 17

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Dec 7, 2005


I didn't mention it anywhere on the website until now, but all of the shirts and books ordered during the last preorder campaign shipped out last week. Just a reminder: the books are shipped from a different location than the shirts. So, if you ordered a little of everything, don't be surprised when your comic arrives in a seperate package from your clothing!

I bought a Nintendo DS last week. I wanted to play Sonic Rush and Kirby Canvas Curse, and Claire wanted to play Mario Kart and Animal Crossing. Claire has gone ahead and made some in-game Sam and Fuzzy shirts for Animal Crossing. So far, we have versions of I'm Communism, Skull Panda and No One Wants to See That. If you'd like to have them too I suggest you get your DS online and visit her town!

Sam Logan

Dec 5, 2005

Hammer my bones in the anvil of daylight

The full extent of Fridge's body-swapping abilities was summed up here, in case you were wondering!

Arch nemesis Jeph has made an interesting observation. Obviously, it's just another attempt to tarnish my reputation with outlandish lies. It's certainly not the sort of behaviour to which I would ever resort. But it is exactly the sort of behaviour that I would expect from a man who regularly sets puppies alight and hurls them at particularly flammable orphans.

If you'd like to see a video of him doing it, I'm pretty sure he sells them on ebay.

Sam Logan

Dec 2, 2005

My business is done

WARNING: The demon temperature physics described in today's comic are imaginary. Please do not attempt to exorcise demons from your friends and neighbours by lighting them on fire. Such actions are only slightly less wrong than they are hillarious.

Today is the last day to order things with assured pre-Christmas delivery! Tomorrow is the first day to order things with unassured pre-Christmas delivery! Tuesday is the second day of the week! "K" is the eleventh letter of the alphabet! Chuck Yeager was the first test pilot to break the sound barrier!

Sam Logan