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Ill Repute, Pt. 1

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Feb 22, 2012

Thank you

Thank you to everyone for all the kind emails, forum posts and tweets following Monday's big announcement! I am super lucky to have you guys in my corner, and I can't wait to have more comics, art, and other projects to share with you.

Unfortunately, towards the end of the day, we started having some totally unrelated problems with my email account. It should be all fixed now, though! So if you sent me an email and it bounced back, please resend it! I will totally read it and everything.

Speaking of new stuff to share, just a reminder that we've got a new bundle of bonus comics and desktop images emailing out to all the Sam and Fuzzy Are Very Famous owners out there next week. (And don't worry... if you don't have a copy yet, just place an order before February 29th and you can nab the bonuses too!)

And don't forget, Book Clubbers... I'm also looking for your suggestions for our next bonus desktops! If you've got a killer idea, just email it to me. I'll be picking my ten favourites and including them in a poll with the Feb. 29 bonus pack... whichever idea gets the most votes will get turned into a real desktop for the next bonus pack!

Feb 20, 2012

Announcing: Major Ch-ch-ch-changes

We break briefly from our story today for a dose of bonus Theophilus, before plunging headlong into our next chapter on Wednesday! (I was a little disappointed I didn't manage to work the sandwich into the story proper.)

Friends, these past few weeks, I have been going through some pretty enormous changes in my life. I would like to tell you about them today, because they will be bringing some changes into your life, too... or at very least, into the small part of it that you spend reading my work!

For those who don't know, aside from drawing Sam and Fuzzy comics for a living, I have also spent the last 8 years designing and illustrating a pair of children's science magazines called KNOW and YES Mag. Well, I'm sad to say that a few days back, we received word from the company that owns the magazines that they were shutting them both down and letting us all go. Like, immediately. As is often the case in the magazine industry, the announcement came completely without warning and was effective immediately. They didn't even let us finish the issues that were already in production and almost ready to be printed.

I'm really sorry to see YES Mag and KNOW go. They were great magazines, and it was a privilege to help put them together. And of course, there are other reasons why their closing is not an easy thing for me, since my work for the magazines -- while not a "day job" per se -- did account for about half my income. Ack!

So, what am I going to do? Well, I'm going to what I've always said I'd do if this happened... go full-time cartoonist and focus entirely on my own stuff. It's a little spooky, I'm not going to lie. But I'm really excited about having time to make more comics to show you all -- if not more Sam and Fuzzy specifically, then other, simultaneous projects! (Although I'm going to tackle a couple of long-overdue chores first -- redesigning the Sam and Fuzzy site is at the top of the list.)

And I know, from years of extremely pleasant experience, that I have an awesome audience I can count on for support, be it by nabbing my swag, sending commission and freelance work my way, or just helping to spread word of Sam and Fuzzy to other human beings. The only difference is, from now on, you guys are it! And if you'll let me lean on you all a little extra from now on, I'll pay you back by doing more of what I presumably do best... drawing lots of cool stuff.

So, this is it! The great experiment of 2012: Sam Logan, full-time cartoonist. Let's do this!

-Sam Logan


Feb 17, 2012

Today's comic is double-sized, because I like finishing chapters on Fridays. Enjoy!

In other news, it's time to announce our next Book Club bonus pack! For those who don't know, anyone who picks up a copy of our latest book, Sam and Fuzzy Are Very Famous, also gets free digital goodies emailed to them throughout the year. Our next bundle sends out in less than two weeks, and features new desktops and classic never-before-seen Sam and Fuzzy comics. You can get a better look at it all by clicking here.

If you've bought a book, this stuff will be sent out to you on March 1st for the low price of zero dollars! And if you haven't picked up a book yet, do so on or before February 29th and this extra swag can be yours too!

This time around, members will also be voting on the subject matter of one of our next bonus pack desktops! Members, if you have an idea or concept for a desktop that you'd really like to see... email them to me now! I'll pick my ten favourite ideas, and include them in a poll that will be sent out with the bonus pack... and whichever idea gets the most votes will be used for a new desktop in the next pack!

Speaking of books... I got a lot of book-related questions this week! So let's... uh... book it up.

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Book Book Book Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"I'm a big fan of Sam and Fuzzy and own both books. I lent them to my brother when he was flying to another state. He enjoyed them as well. However, now whenever I see him he asks when the next comes out. Any idea when we can expect the third book to hit shelves? Speaking of shelves, do you have any plans to ever have your books carried in more mainstream shops, such as Barnes and Noble? " -Max

Volume 3 is tentatively scheduled for a fall release this year, but since we're still in the midst of the storylines that will be collected in it, I can't say with absolute certainty. It depends on how much longer it takes me to actually finish drawing it all!

"I was going through the archives, and some of your old newsposts (around the first half of the Noosehead saga) talk about the first Sam and Fuzzy book, and links where they can be bought, but the links are dead. Are those books still available? If not, is there any chance you may do a reprinting of those books at some point? " -Ben

Once upon a time, there were two Sam and Fuzzy minibooks, similar to the Skull Panda mini we have now. Alas, aside from a tiny, tiny handful of copies I have horded for special occasions, they are all long gone.

I resisted the urge to reprint them because I'd rather see that material collected in larger, more definitive books. And that is still the hope... although I'm increasingly leaning towards just putting everything pre-Fix Your Problem into one gigantic tome. It is a complicated and expensive project, though, which is why it hasn't materialized yet!

"I'm sure I saw a comic waaaay back showing three Ninja
Mafioso with possessed eyes. I can't find it again, but I think it may
have been around where we see DJ positive get murdered. The point is,
Fridge could only posses one person at a time (otherwise the showdown
with Candice would have played out different), so was there more than
one Demon, and if so where did they go?" -Andrew

I think the comic you are remembering is probably this one, when McMillan fought the three ninjas who had broken into Sam's apartment and become vessels for Fridge!

This is probably the least interesting answer possible, but that particular image of the three possessed ninjas was part of a flashback montage and was meant to be more representative than literal. So nope, there were no other demons involved! Fridge couldn't possess more than one body at a time, but he could hop between them pretty quickly... he probably flung them at McMillan one at a time in rapid succession.

-Sam Logan