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Ill Repute, Pt. 13

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Mar 21, 2012


Things are a little hectic today, as we transition from one stop to another on our Ontario trip. But here, have a comic! I made it just for you.

-Sam Logan

Mar 19, 2012

Mr. executive

Always nice to see Earl again!

Sometimes people ask me if I miss writing or drawing any particular older characters that no longer appear in the strip. The truth is, I miss a lot of them. Honestly, sometimes it's tempting to just cram them all back in! But I think we can all imagine the giant mess that would come out of THAT impulse.

So alas, I guess I have to be vaguely responsible and let the needs of the story decide which characters should stick around and which should take a leave of absense. And as a creator, you have to let some familiar faces go from time to time so that you can work with new characters and new ideas!

But in a universe where I had infinite time to make infinite stories -- where I could keep doing new stuff and revist all my old favourites? We'd almost certainly see more of Earl. And Gertrude. And Sidney. And Andrea. And Mr. Stabbs.

(OK, maybe not Mr. Stabbs.)

-Sam Logan

Mar 16, 2012

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Bonus Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"What desktop wallpaper idea won the book club poll?" -Beckers

At the moment, "NMS Coat of Arms" has a solid lead. Team Fortress 2 parody is in second, and (astonishingly) three different options -- Marvel parody, Ninja Turtles parody, and NMS summer beach party -- are all tied for third.

Some folks still haven't voted (get on it, guys!), so theoretically things could change. All these ideas sound pretty fun to me, though, so I might actually eventually do the top two or three.

"Have you ever considered letting people just give donations for access to the bonus packs?" -Natalie

Good question! I created the bonus packs because I really wanted to provide an extra reward/thank-you to folks who were for dropping the cash on my books, which were a little more expensive to buy and ship than I liked because of their unusually massive size. Because of that, I wanted to keep the rewards exclusive, since they're part of the whole package.

But! As the years go by, we are starting to pile up a lot of previous bonus rewards... rewards that there are actually no way for people to obtain anymore. Which seems kind of silly, I admit! So here's the plan: when the new site design relaunches, I'll be creating a new "digital downloads" section. In it, folks will be able to buy the stuff from some of the older Fix Your Problem bonus packs, and hopefully some other goodies as well. It's in the works, anyway!

"Are the table-salt-and-antihistamine bullets Sam and Dev used to 1435">"simulate death-like conditions" the same ones Mr. Black used to fake Sidney's death? -Matt

"PS: Is it the drug also known as Juliex 2-40?" (Caught that on another read-through, BTW" -Matt (In a separate email, 3 hours later)

That makes so much sense, it must be canon! Guess it's a ninja trade secret.

(PS: I'm sure this wasn't actually the case, but I loved how the timeline of your emails implied that you completely re-read the entire archive specfically looking for more mentions of the drug.)

That's a wrap for this week, team! See you on Monday.

-Sam Logan