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Fangs for Nothing, Pt. 13

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Dec 5, 2012

Holiday Deadline Alert: Thursday is the last day to order by non-express International post options and still receive your swag by the 24th!

Also, if anyone is hoping to get someone an art commission in time for Christmas, drop me a line and let me know as soon as you can! I've done a bunch more than usual this year -- such is the joy of being a full-time cartoonist -- but I've probably only got time to do a couple more before timely arrival by mail becomes an issue.

Thanks for your enthusiasm about the new book club bonuses! It was kind of fun drawing a scene of such loving NMS-family unity in these dark, post-Buddocalypse times. (lol)

-Sam Logan

Dec 3, 2012

New Book Club bonuses!

Holiday shipping deadlines have been posted! (You'll spot 'em up in the top right corner of the site.) The first deadline is this Thursday, Dec 6th, which is the last day for international buyers to order items using non-express options and receive their swag by the 24th.

And speaking of deadlines, it's almost that time again... time for a new bundle of free Book Club bonuses, sent to anyone and everyone who has picked up a copy of Sam and Fuzzy Under the Influence!

This time, members will a pair of new desktops: a NMS winter vacation scene, and the much-liked Green Lantern parody I drew a little earlier this year. But there's more! One lucky club member, chosen at random, will also win the original cover lineart.

Everyone who has picked up a copy of Under the Influence by December 19th (including those of you who already have) will receive the desktops on the 20th and be entered into the draw for the art. Woo!

-Sam Logan

Nov 30, 2012

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Close Encounters Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Gertrude discussing Sam's romantic life has me wondering - does
Gertrude know Alexa or Candice? Candice in particular - they're both
lady ninjas of about the same age, right?" -Samuel

Despite being such a significant pretense in the comic for nearly two years, Gertrude has interacted with surprisingly few of the other major cast members. Her time in the spotlight was pretty much a long road story with a very small core cast, and once that story was over and the big cast was reunited, she took off! This is as close as she ever got to meeting Alexa or Lance, and this is as close as she ever came to talking to Nicole.

I don't think it's too likely she ever would have had any significant interactions with Candice, either... although I reserve the right to change my mind about this someday if it seems like a good idea! Candice was not actually a ninja for very long, and she was pretty much a lowest rung grunt for most of her career. But Gert came from the ninja mafia's equivalent of aristocracy. (And was kind of a snob about it at the time.) She probably wouldn't have mixed with the peons much.

"I used to have a Sam & Fuzzy RSS, but I got a new computer - and now it's gone! Worse, I can't find it again. Also: having missed on reading Sam & Fuzzy for over a year (without an RSS feed to remind me), the new updates are amazing. And you're amazing." -Charlie

Thank you for the nice words, Charlie. A lot has changed in the comic in the last year, it must be very shocking to come back to!

The link to the RSS feed is actually right at the top of the newspost, in the "feed" bar! It'll have a more prominent menu link in the new site redesign that I swear is almost done, honest!

I'm not sure why, but the RSS feed link doesn't seem to be compatible with all browsers. For me, it works in Firefox but not in Chrome. Any theories, RSS users?

"Any chance of an actual breakout hit single for us to enjoy with our ears? I'd pay money to listen to screw you and your lies, you snake-tongued mobster skull lightning bolt swirly dagger hash radioactive!" -James

Nicole's new single, "Screw You and Your Lies, You Snake-Tongued Mobster *#$%&!", is one of those things that I think will remain more powerful if left to the reader's imagination!

I did once write the music and lyrics to Noosehead's biggest hit, "I Will Eat Your Family", but I never really had the time or collaborators necessary to record it. Alas!

-Sam Logan