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Fangs for Nothing, Pt. 14

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Dec 7, 2012

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Close Encounters Edition
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"Do you ever accidentally call Edwin that other fictional vampire name?" -Rory

What, you mean Dracula? Yes, constantly!

"You've mentioned before that you plan more in "broad strokes" than in minute detail, so my question is this: How often do you go back and re-read your previous chapters to pick up on foreshadowing you didn't even know you made?" -Matt

Honestly, almost never! Any foreshadowing you encounter is probably either intentional or, in a couple of cases, accidental. I don't generally go back to find nuggets that I can retcon into foreshadowing, if you know what I mean. That can come across as a little forced.

Foreshadowing works best when you don't overdo it and stick to the big stuff. And the big stuff is the stuff that's planned! (Perhaps in strokes that are a liiiittle less broad and more meticulous than I give myself credit for.)

Usually when I'm skimming through old comics, it's to remind myself of more mundane things, like what a particular character's name was or what side of a door the knob was on. I don't generally going digging to check plot elements, because as massive and convoluted as my plot mayb be, it's essentially hyper-internalized at this point. (And if you spent as much time thinking about it as I have to, you'd probably have it hyper-internalized too!)

"Hello Sam, this may be the most stupid question you have ever been asked but, could you try to get more exposure to your comic as I feel that not enough people know about it lol. Pretty much all I wanted to say, keep up the great work!" -Lucas

Ha! I'll do my best, Lucas. Of course, I'm always encourage more people to check out Sam and Fuzzy... but ultimately, I'm just a lone artist and only have the time and cash to do a fairly limited amount of self-promotion.

Instead, I have relied pretty heavily on my readers and my fellow cartoonists to help spread the word and encourage new folks to give the comic a try -- and fortunately, that has gone pretty well so far! I'm lucky to have the audience I've got, and the privilege of making a solid living as a cartoonist. But a bigger audience and a better living is certainly something I'll keep striving for!

Anyhow, speaking of making comics for a living... I'll be back on Monday with another new one! See you then, team.

-Sam Logan

Dec 5, 2012

Holiday Deadline Alert: Thursday is the last day to order by non-express International post options and still receive your swag by the 24th!

Also, if anyone is hoping to get someone an art commission in time for Christmas, drop me a line and let me know as soon as you can! I've done a bunch more than usual this year -- such is the joy of being a full-time cartoonist -- but I've probably only got time to do a couple more before timely arrival by mail becomes an issue.

Thanks for your enthusiasm about the new book club bonuses! It was kind of fun drawing a scene of such loving NMS-family unity in these dark, post-Buddocalypse times. (lol)

-Sam Logan

Dec 3, 2012

New Book Club bonuses!

Holiday shipping deadlines have been posted! (You'll spot 'em up in the top right corner of the site.) The first deadline is this Thursday, Dec 6th, which is the last day for international buyers to order items using non-express options and receive their swag by the 24th.

And speaking of deadlines, it's almost that time again... time for a new bundle of free Book Club bonuses, sent to anyone and everyone who has picked up a copy of Sam and Fuzzy Under the Influence!

This time, members will a pair of new desktops: a NMS winter vacation scene, and the much-liked Green Lantern parody I drew a little earlier this year. But there's more! One lucky club member, chosen at random, will also win the original cover lineart.

Everyone who has picked up a copy of Under the Influence by December 19th (including those of you who already have) will receive the desktops on the 20th and be entered into the draw for the art. Woo!

-Sam Logan