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Double Jeopardy, Pt. 18

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Jun 7, 2013

Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo starts tomorrow!

Hey you! If you're in Vancouver this weekend, come check out the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo! I will be there in full force, peddling my books and t-shirts and probably drawing a lot of Pokemon.

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: One-armed Edition
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"I think I've figured out the difference between X and his imposter. (X cut off his right arm, whereas the imposter is missing the left.) However, in this comic, the imposter is missing his right arm! Was this a mistake on my part in my deductions or your one mishap on imposter X?" -Jamie

You are correct! The real Mr. X is missing his right arm. But Jess Star -- from the first strip where she impersonates Mr. X to the most recent one -- is always missing her left.

Well, uh, almost always. Now, I vowed with all my heart to depict the "wrong arm" easter egg consistently. (The twist was actually inspired by an earlier incident, where I drew the real X's arm on the wrong side by accident and had to fix it.) But despite my best efforts, I did drop the ball in that one strip you mentioned.... while Jess-X has the correct arm in the rest of that chapter, she has the wrong one in that one panel.

Sure, you can rationalize it as her choosing to use both arms while no one is looking, but the truth is: I goofed. And I was so close! Ah, well.

"Is there anything in your comic that you wish was different?" -Jake

Aside from the traditional impossible artist wish that all my older work was written and drawn to my current quality standards? I wish it didn't take so long for cool female characters to start appearing in the strip. The first couple of years of Sam and Fuzzy are a real boys club, and it feels kind of weird and embarrassing to me in retrospect.

I also wish I could draw it faster!

"When does the "secret" giant-book-of-the-old-comics kickstarter launch? I'm getting impatient, Logan!" -Emily


I mean, uh, what kickstarter?

-Sam Logan

Jun 5, 2013

Single cam

OK... I might have gotten a little carried away with today's comic.

Mailed off a bunch of original art from the Sam and Fuzzy Etsy shop today! There's still a few pieces left in there, if you're interested. I'll try to be better about making more originals available in there in the future.

All right! Back to work on the not-very-secret secret Kickstarter project. I want to be able to launch this thing soon!

-Sam Logan

Jun 3, 2013

Retro Gaming Expo

Vancouver friends! I will be exhibiting at this weekend's Retro Gaming Expo. Come on by if you want play some classic games, snag some Sam and Fuzzy swag or get a drawing of your favourite dumb video game character. (Or if you just want to meet Charles "Mario" Martinet!)

-Sam Logan