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Jul 8, 2013

The Sam and Fuzzy Two-Volume Omnibus Kickstarter

For years, the number one question readers ask me has always been the same: "When will you make books collecting the early years of Sam and Fuzzy?"

Well, guys, I think we should do it right now!

The Sam and Fuzzy Omnibus collects the entire first seven years of the comic. The taxi-driving era. The bookstore years. The Noosehead saga. Everything that isn't in my existing books, from strip #1 to the start of Fix Your Problem.

I didn't want to publish this as a series of six or seven regular-sized books. It would have taken years. It would have been way more expensive for everyone to buy and have shipped. And... doing it that way is for babies. Right?

So instead, I designed the hugest, prettiest, most fan-servicey product I could -- a massive two-volume Omnibus, which we're selling in a standard edition, a limited hardcover edition, and a personalized artist edition. (All of which have spines that will align and harmonize perfectly with your existing Sam and Fuzzy books, by the way.)

I priced these books as inexpensively as humanly possible, so that our international friends who have to pay for crazy international shipping can save still save some money. And I'm also selling a bunch of other cool stuff to fund the project... prints, buttons, art commissions, and for the first time ever, the original Sam and Fuzzy comic art itself! You can even add-on my existing three books, or some of my shirts. (Including two brand new ones... ShipWrex and Pokehog... although if you don't want to wait 'til December for those shirts specificially, they will be up on Topatoco soon, too.)

I'm taking this really seriously because, well... it's my dream project. It's the definitive collection of the work that allowed me to become a professional cartoonist, and to connect with all of you. But I can't make it without your help. So, I hope I have made helping an extremely enticing and rewarding proposition! Go see the kickstarter page, watch me embarass myself on video, and check out all the cool stuff. And if you decide to chip in: thank you. I mean it.

Let's do this thing!

-Sam Logan

Jul 5, 2013


The kickstarter to collect the first seven years of Sam and Fuzzy in one huge two-volume print omnibus will launch next week. Prepare yourself! (By getting really excited, because it's going to be so awesome.)

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Ironic Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"When did fuzzy get My Fair Lady With Vampires made? (Referencing this strip and this strip." -Saba

Sometime in the year gap between Under the Influence and the current volume, Sam and Fuzzy Ruined Everything. Such is the terrifying power that is the creative clout wielded by the star of Teddy Knows Best! (Although I think it's just a TV movie.)

"If you were to throw Jess off a building would she splat like a body, or splash like a drop of liquid like the Liquid Metal Terminator? If you were to cut Jess's Hazel hair would she start bleeding or would the hair come off like on a normal human?" -Tom

There's a certain amount of throwing-logic-to-the-wind with any shape-shifting character, but I try to at least be internally consistent with Jess. In general, she only really shifts her body into other kinds of bodies, and not weird substances or inanimate props or that sort of thing. That's why you always see her changing outfits... the clothes are not part of her; the logic being that separate clothes are something that Jess would find "challenging" to fake convincingly.

The, uh... "toaster thing", whatever that is, is apparently something that really pushes the limits of her abilities, and I think it's probably for the best that we leave whatever that is to the imagination.

I am not sure what her hair would do! Someone's fanfic needs to sort that one out.

"What is an example of a thing which is actually ironic?" -Daniel

Definitely not like rain on your wedding day. OR "ra-ee-ain", for that matter.

See you next week, team, when we launch the big thing and see what happens!

-Sam Logan

Jul 3, 2013

A job to kill for

You may recall, this issue is something Dev was pretty concerned about the last time she saw Sam.

Ahh, you guys, you guys! We should hopefully be able to announce the launch date of the crowdfunding project on Friday, and said launch date should be very soon thereafter. Just awaiting approval from the folks at KS. Crossing fingers!

-Sam Logan