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Four-Finger Discount, Pt. 3

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Aug 30, 2013

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Travesty Edition
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"Do you still accept fan art?" -Rowan

Once upon a time, years and years ago, I tried to maintain a Sam and Fuzzy fanart gallery here on the site. These days, I don't really maintain any kind of gallery on the site, even of my own work... services like deviantart and tumblr kind of made it unnecessary. But I still love seeing the fanart that folks post, and sharing the particularly good stuff with other readers through my own tweets, tumbls and blog posts.

"Lord Varney is named after Varney the Vampire, the not-too-well-known vampire who actually predates Dracula in fiction, right? That's a pretty deep cut vampire joke right there." -Alex

He is! The idea is that he is the real-life vampire that inspired the fictional character. (The real Varney, as you can see, never gave in to the temptation to throw himself in a volcano.) You can all thank Shannon for informing me about the Varney character... I'd never heard of him until she did!

"In this strip Sin seems to be using the word "Travesty" as a synonym for "Tragedy" (which it's not), but considering the ACTUAL meaning of the word, is it ironic that he's kind of, unintentionally, using it right?" -Matt

Not to put too much stock in Sin's mastery of the English language, but he is totally using the word correctly! Sin is (pretending to be) disgusted by the farcical decision making of the committee. It's a travesty in the same way that a baffling court decision is a "travesty of justice". Words!

That's a wrap for this week, team. See you on Monday!

-Sam Logan

Aug 28, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Ah... it is good to be home! After a solid two weeks working nonstop at different conventions, I can finally return to... working nonstop at home. Score! (Good thing I love this job.)

By the way... did you know I have two new shirts on sale? I think, in the chaos of conventions and kickstarters, I didn't do the best job of promoting the release of these guys... which is a shame, because I think the designs turned out really well! The Oldest Profession (featuring infamous piracy pioneer ShipWrex) and Pokehog were scooped up by a lot of folks on my summer con circuit, but they are now available for everyone to nab online in my Topatoco store alongside all my other swag. (And as always, buying any three shirts will get you five dollars off. Woo!)

Aug 26, 2013

Con'd out

Whew! Today I finally head back to Vancouver, after an half-month convention trek. I had a great time at Gen Con and Fan Expo, but boy, it will be good to be home.

While I'm busy experiencing our nation's finest airports, enjoy today's comic, which kicks off a new chapter. Go, team!

-Sam Logan