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Off the Sauce, Pt. 41

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Jun 11, 2014

Worth a shot

Alll right! We return on Friday with the erotic performance you've all been waiting for. (And also, a new round of reader Q and A.) See you then!

-Sam Logan

Jun 9, 2014

Beyond understanding

Feeling a little bit under the weather today, team! But here's a new comic all the same, ready for your consumption. If you'd like, you can also check out this crazy "Sam and Fuzzy throughout history" commission I'm working on for a Sam and Fuzzy megafan! I might make a desktop or print out of this guy later.

Come back on Wednesday for the next part of the show! It's going to be really... what it is.

-Sam Logan

Jun 6, 2014

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Family Friendly Edition
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"So um... What was Dev doing in that third to last panel from Monday's comic? I thought this was a family-friendly webcomic (or maybe my mind is going places where it shouldn't go...)" -Kevin

Just mid-heist on-desk smoochin'! (That's Dev's chest in the bottom right corner.) But that's more about keeping Sam and Dev in character than it is about keeping things arbitrarily chaste. 

This is just one man's opinion, but: I think this story could have been twice as scandalous and still been way, way more family friendly than the stories with the violent sword stabbings and beheadings. I do avoid jokes that require actual nudity in the strip because I know that really crosses a line for some people, but beyond that, I don't really feel obligated to self-censor, and I really don't think any kids are going to be mentally scarred as a result.

"I was wondering: is is possible to see more of X and Y sans masks?" -Max

It will probably come up more often! They always have the masks on when they are in uniform, but before, I deliberately avoided showing them out-of-uniform because I wanted to keep their appearances a mystery. Now, I don't have to do that anymore!

"So apparently X's Sexy Burlesque Decoy Arm can be used like a real arm. He's even seen lifting a heavy case with it! That kind of technology could help thousands of lives! With something like that, Why is Gertrude doing burlesque when she could be drowning in riches from the patent?" -Jared

The arm wasn't designed by Gert! That kind of advaced robotics is widely available in the underground, for the right price. Indeed, there is an entire race of robotic folks running around down there. You may have seen some of them in the background of various scenes.

But alas, the speed at which above-ground technology is allowed to "advance" is one of the many things the committee controls in the name of maintaining societal stability. Despite all the good they'd do, robotic limbs are derived from tech that is currently a Status Quo violation, and thus can not be widely marketed or sold. (Which is why you only see advanced robotics used on the surface in relative secrecy, as in the cases of Mr. Sin's tech or Aaron's robot hand.)

"Wait.. what is X's arm spinning on? WHAT IS X'S ARM SPINNING ON?" -Nick

Ninja trade secret!

That's a wrap for this week! See you on Monday, team.

-Sam Logan