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Crossed Wires, Pt. 69

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Mar 3, 2017

Emerald City Comic-Con

Going to be at Emerald City in Seattle this weekend? Come visit me on the Floor 4 Skybridge, in the big Topatoco booth! I'll be signing books and drawing marker art, and Topatoco will be stocking a wide array of Sam and Fuzzy swag. Hope to see you there!

-Sam Logan

Mar 1, 2017

Dawn of Punches

Today on Sam and Fuzzy, it's X and Y vs Brain! Except X and Y are Mr. Sin, and Brain is Fridge. Sort of. Truly, it's a rich tapestry of continuity.

In other news, I'm heading down to Seattle today! Looking forward to seeing all my pals this weekend at Emerald City. (And maybe also Chewbacca.)

-Sam Logan

Feb 27, 2017

Oh right

The wirelessly controlled X and Y bots, lest you forget, are currently being wirelessly controlled by Unit 01 himself. (AKA Mr. Cin.)

Going to be heading down to Seattle later this week, but comics will keep coming as usual while I'm away. Hope to see some of you at this year's Emerald City Comic-Con! I always have a blast at this show.

-Sam Logan