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May 15, 2017

Book Preorders and Patreon Goodies

Two notes of note today, team!

First of all, today's the last day to get your preorder in for my new books! I've seen the preview copies, and they look very swanky. And Missing Inaction is full of a ton of exclusive bonuses, including commentary and concept art, Butcher and Baker comics, Malcolm's Conspiracy Blog, and a big (colour!) art gallery!

And second, all of our May Patreon rewards are now available to Patreon backers! As always, there's wide assortment fun bonuses you can get depending on your backer level, including a new poll to vote in, a new issue of our e-magazine, new Art Vault updates, and a pair of new pin-ups for the Saucy Hippo tier. (Including a goofy mermaid-themed piece from Jess for "Mer-May", which is apparently a thing.)

We return on Wednesday for our next comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan

May 12, 2017

Toronto Comic Arts Festival This Weekend!

Torontonians! I have travelled to your fair city for this weekend's TCAF! If you're going to come to the show -- and you totally should, because it's free! -- you can find me at the Topatoco booth on the third floor (booth #321-323). I'll have books, t-shirts, and posters, and I'll be doing a bunch of custom art commissions, too!

Come back on Monday for our next comic, team. See you then!

-Sam Logan

May 10, 2017

Of Preorders and TCAF

Two notes of note today, friends!

First of all, this Monday (May 15th) is the last day to place a preorder for any of our new books! After that, the preorder shop will close up, and the books won't be available to order again until a little later this year.

Our preordered copies will mail out in early June, alongside all the copies ordered by our kickstarter backers, so if you want to get 'em first thing, now's your chance to make sure it happens! Plus there are also a few other fun things you can order alongside 'em if you choose, including our older books, some cool prints and postcards, and a couple of fancy custom pin-up commissions.

Second note: I will be at TCAF this weekend! I haven't been in a few years, so I'm really looking forward to it. If you're going to be in the Toronto area, be sure to come by the show... it's free!

We return on Friday with a new comic. See you then, team!

-Sam Logan