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Jun 16, 2017

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  E3 Edition
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"Hey! That lady on the soapbox looked suspiciously similar to a certain other conspiracy theorist. Was that Malcolm in disguise? Or do conspiracy theorists in the Sam and Fuzzy-verse just have similar tastes in haircuts?" -Ellen

Ha! The later, I guess. Maybe they all read the same combination fashion-tips-and-conspiracy-theories blog? (Heck, maybe that blog is Malcolm's.)

In seriousness, I just needed a conspiracy theorist resident of Sub Newport, and since it couldn't actually be Malcolm himself, I thought it would be kind of funny if she looked like him. That's all. Just a little joke! No big, deep, game-changing secret meaning. Honest. Really. Everyone move along. NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

"Did you ever play Fire Emblem or Advance Wars? (Did you see that Chucklefish has a game in the works for PC & Switch that is basically new age FE/AW with a map and overworld editor? I'm pretty stoked for
it, they even showed head to head play on a livestream a while back too!)

Turn based strategy is a big genre for me... do you think you'd ever work on a turn based Sam and Fuzzy RPG? Especially with the characters of the Underground, fighting giant turf wars could be fun with the
different factions troops! 'Hero' Characters could be people we know from the main comics!" -Noah

I've played a little of Advance Wars, and a bit of some stuff like the old StarCraft and WarCraft, but it's not a genre I've spent a lot of time with. I agree, though, that it wouldn't be a bad fit for Sam and Fuzzy! The comic has a lot of rival factions that could provide the appopriate canon fodder.

I think, though, if a Sam and Fuzzy game ever got made, it would most likely be a visual novel... since that's a thing I actually know how to make myself! (I wouldn't count on me having time to do so but you never know.)

Speaking of which, did you know there's a pretty cool fan-made visual novel, created by longtime reader and forum mod Kelso? It's over on Newgrounds! (It take a little while to load.)

"Is Brain's mind-reading ability limited by the fallibility of memory? We know his own supernatural mind wipes destroy memories irretrievably, but what if a person has simply forgotten something (for example, a Committee member who couldn't recite their code from memory), or even remembers things incorrectly? Or if they've repressed a memory? Is Brain able to access some sort of 'objective memory' of everything a person has experienced, the way it actually happened, or is the information he pulls essentially only as reliable as eyewitness testimony?" -Josh

Interesting question! Brain's mind-reading abilities only let him find out what a person thinks they know. If a memory is just repressed, he might be able to dig it out, but if the person has actually forgotten something entirely, then Brain isn't going to be able to find it. And yes, if a person very confidently remembers something incorrectly, that incorrect memory is what Brain is going to see. He wouldn't be able to tell it was inaccurate. (Unless it contradicts something he learned from other people.)

That's a wrap for this week. See you on Monday, when our next comic arrives!

-Sam Logan

Jun 14, 2017


I mean, it could be worse. It's certainly better than either croctoquid or gatoquid!

I've been hearing from lots of Kickstarter backers who have started recieving their new books and other swag. That's awesome to hear. Some folks have been sending in their photos on twitter... by all means, do so! It's still pretty wild to me to think that so many people are currently recieving 10-18 pounds of my comics in the mail right now.

It's been a heck of an e3, hasn't it? I was already stoked going in because of Mario Odyssey. (The Tokyo EAD team is probably my favourite game development team on earth.) But then, my beloved and long pined-for Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced, officially marking an end to years of sarcastic jokes about it down here in this rant box. And new Metroids in both the Prime and Classic styles to boot? It's pretty wild. Between those games, Shenmue 3, the Genesis-styled Sonic Mania, eand Psychonauts 2, I'm feeling very catered to these days. We're only a Jet Set Radio away from having every single unlikely sequel I've ever whined about not having.

We return on Friday with a new comic and a new round of Q and A! As always, if you've got a question you'd like me to answer, just drop it in an email with "Q and A" in the subject line. See you soon!


Jun 12, 2017

It was me all along

Ah yes, getting the Mafia back into the crime bussiness. You remember when Fuzzy did that, right? (And how it turned out.) At the time, he was doing it to try and get the Committee to go after Hazel. Things sure have gotten complicated since then.

We return on Wednesday with our next time. But in the meantime, a note for Patreon backers, current and future: In case you missed Friday's update, all of this months Patreon rewards are now out! Depending on your backer level, there's a new art vote, a new issue of the S&F Extra e-magazine, a bunch of new art in the Art Vault, and some brand new anniversary-themed additions to the pin-up collection starring Alexa, Lance, and Andrea. Woo!

-Sam Logan