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Nov 1, 2017

Inktober/Halloween originals up for grabs!

Today: a candy-coated coda to the holidays. Then I've got one last piece of stand alone goofiness for you on Friday, before we leap headlong back into the next chapter of Sam and Fuzzy on Monday!

In other news, I've made a gallery of all 41(!) of the original Inktober and Halloween Sketch-Off illustrations I drew this month. Check out all the crazy pics right here! And if there are any pieces you particularly like, I heartily encourage you to nab the original art. Most of them are $35-$40, except for a couple of the particularly simple or elaborate ones, and they're all one of a kind. Plus, you'll be happy paying my dear elderly dog Mac's vet bills. (He's a good boy.)

Come back on Friday for more comics. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Oct 30, 2017

Halloween Sketch-Off Today!

It's that time again, friends... time for my annual Halloween Sketch-Off, where I spend the day drawing S&F characters in Halloween costumes based on reader suggestions.

I'll be starting around 11:30 AM Pacific Time this year! I won't be streaming this time around, but I'll post photos of each drawing as I finish it on Twitter and Instagram.

If you've got a costume idea for a particular character -- ie: Fuzzy as a Werewolf, Jess as a Witch, Mr. X as Batman, Dev as a Crystal Gem, etc. etc! -- just send it my way on twitter! (Or if you don't use twitter, email it to me.) I'll pick my favourite suggestions and draw 'em up!

As always, I'll be selling the completed drawings, so let me know if you see one you like! They'll be $35 each, or $60 if you'd like me to marker colour the art. This year I'm going to go with a more polished style, similar to the Inktober art I've been doing, rather than the quicker/sketchier style I've used in past Sketch-Offs. So there won't be quite as many drawings, but they should look pretty sharp!

That's a wrap for today. See you on Wednesday, team!

-Sam Logan


Oct 27, 2017

Incoming Sketch Off!

Be aware: This Monday, I'll be doing my traditional Halloween Sketch-Off... where I draw a bunch of pictures of S&F characters in Halloween costumes based on reader suggestions! So start brainstorming your ideas. I'll post the links to where you can suggest, and where you can see the finished drawings, on Monday!

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Future Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Will we be seeing another O-GAWD (Obligatory Guest Artist Webcomic Duration) before Sam & Fuzzy concludes in the not-so-distant future? It’s been over three years since the last one, and while I love the artwork and plot of Sam & Fuzzy proper and understand that the long-form narrative makes large interruptions to the plot challenging, sometimes my heart yearns for something in a slightly different style and a little off-kilter from the expected writing." -Dawson

I don't think so! As Sam and Fuzzy's story has gotten more and more involved, and the status quo more and more dynamic, it's just gotten increasingly difficult for outside authors to come up with guest strips. Not only is there a lot of continuity to be familiar with, but aspects of that continuity might have dramatically changed between when they drew the strip and when it actually ran! It's also sometimes kind of difficult for me to predict where the spots for the guest weeks will actually be... some chapters wind up running a lot longer than I expect!

I still like to take breaks between big chapters, but as you've probably noticed, I've started using those spaces to run goofy one-off strips and other side comic ideas I have. Like President Dog! That's probably how I'll keep rolling for the forseeable future.

"You mentioned previously that this is the last volume that will focus on Sam and Fuzzy, and that you will probably make a story focused on other characters after, or even something completely new. Can you share any of the ideas you've had or want to pursue?" -Alex

A lot of different ideas for my next "big" story have been bouncing around in my head over the years, but there's one in particular that I've increasingly zeroed in on as time has gone by. I won't say much about it, but while it is another comedy adventure series, it's one that is completely separate from S&F.

That said, when this big Sam and Fuzzy story finishes, I don't think I will jump into another huge multi-book project right away! I will absolutely keep making comics, but I'd like to take some time to explore a bunch of different things... small stories about different corners of the S&F universe, more dog comics, maybe some stories that are "only" one book long. We'll see! But rest assured, while I might explore some other venues for my work, I'll keep the comics coming on these here internets as well. And I'm sure if you've enjoyed the stuff I've been doing up 'til now, you'll dig what comes next as well!

"Are you going to be selling your Inktober originals?" -DaveYes! I'm pretty sure I'll put them all up for sale after the month is over. They'll be $35-$45 each, depending on the drawing! I'll make an official page to sell them in November, but if you're impatient and really want to claim one or more before then, just drop me an email!

That's a wrap for this week! See you on Monday, team.

-Sam Logan


You mentioned previously that this is the last volume that will focus on sam and fuzzy, and that you will probably make a story focused on other characters after, or even something completely new.

Can you share any of the ideas you've had or want to pursue?