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President Dog: One Year Later

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Oct 23, 2017

President Dog

While I'm busy ramping up for our next Sam and Fuzzy arc, we take a brief sidestep this week to revisit the President Dog saga!

When we last left President Dog, he had lost the election to Candidate Cat and then disappeared. But you can find links to all his previous appearances right here. There are nine in total, and they're all timeless classics. (According to President Dog himself, anyway.)

We return on Wednesday with our next comic. See you then!

-Sam Logan

PS: I would probably be exceptionally bad at my job if I did not take a moment to remind you about the continued existense of the Vote Dog T-shirt, which is available, as always, in my Topatoco store.

Oct 20, 2017

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Toaster Edition
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"I was browsing through the archives and found a strange similarity. Was Mr. Ackerman actually married to Jess Star? Here's Mr. Ackerman pulling out a picture of his wife for Lance, only it is a picture of a toaster . He just says that the original picture was destroyed, he never said that the toaster wasn't his wife. And of course we know that Jess has been a toaster before. Or a more disturbing question: is Mr. Ackerman actually Mr. Sin? And the most disturbing: if it is just unrelated, what is with you and toasters?" -Mark

I guess we've secretly uncovered the truth... I'm the one with a toaster fetish. (Or at least, a fetish for toaster-based punchlines.)

In seriousness, though, Jess Star's "sexy toaster" act is something she invented for Mr. Sin. I doubt she had ever done it before. Jess doesn't have any particular fondness for toasters. Just me, apparently.

"One thing I greatly admire about your work is the number and quality of the dramatic character reveals throughout the comic's history; moments when a person's true identity or previously unseen involvement in an arc are impressively brought to light. It is a device that you have implemented extremely well throughout the years, from bigshocking revelations like these to innumerable smaller (though not less important) ones. My question is: do you have a particular favorite reveal from Sam&Fuzzy's history, either for the satisfaction of finally letting out a secret you've been building up to, or because it allowed for a good character moment or visual, or just because it was really fun?" -Dawson

I still really love the "Crush is Sam" reveal. I'm particularly fond of it because it's an example of something that would only work in comics -- that particular twist only functions because of the specific information comics do and don't give you. Without simplified, cartoony art, it would have been immediately clear Sam and Crush were the same "actor"... I couldn't hide that by throwing in other characters with identical big cartoony square noses. I could in an animated cartoon, but then it would have been clear they had the same voice. And in a novel, I could have the hidden identity plot but I obviously I couldn't have a reveal scene that was driven entirely by visuals.

Comics are cool!

"I know that this is spoiler territory and will not truly be answered but I just wanted to throw the question out there. Once Sam and Fuzzy’s stories conclude, will the Committee’s sacred status quo still be maintained or will the world’s most carefully guarded secret(s) be revealed to all—with all the fallout that such a change will inescapably entail?

I.e. Will it be Rexford’s or Sam's philosophy that prevails?


(I can just imagine Keller & company attempting an impromptu public relations campaign to the effect of, “Yes, obviously the whole world has always been secretly controlled maternally guided by an underground oligarchy totally real nice guys.”)" -Claire


You are 100% correct! I totally can't answer that. But hey, here's a picture of a bunny.



We return on Monday with our next comic. See you then!


-Sam Logan

Oct 18, 2017

Bunton's Books

Today's comic is brought to you by an alternate universe where I kept drawing 4-panel gag strips about book retail! We haven't seen much of Alexa and Andrea together since the "Classic" era of the comic, so I thought it'd be fun to pay them a visit. I also thought I'd try doing it in colour, even though that's about as innacurate to the Classic era as you can get. Ha!

In other news, don't forget I'm doing the Inktober daily drawing challenge this month! All 17 of the drawings I've done so far can be seen on my Instragram, Twitter, or Tumblrand all the drawings I make for the rest of the month will show up on a daily basis!

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-Sam Logan