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Rat Nut, Pt. 6

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Aug 30, 2021

Streaming rats

Alicia is nothing if not reasonable.

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-Sam Logan

Aug 27, 2021

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A:  Political Edition
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"Have you ever tried doing a political cartoon?" -Alex

I don't think I have! There are certainly some Sam and Fuzzy comics that comment on political issues -- and of course, one particularly infamous old strip that comments on comics-that-comment-on-political issues. But I don't think I've ever drawn an actual, proper editorial cartoon that directly comments on a specific real life political issue or event. Not really my thing, I guess!

"So is Herb Z is a parody of John K? lol" -FeMo

Not too directly. He's meant to be kind of a broad parody of "troubled genius" creators from that particular era of "creator-driven" cartoons.  John K, unfortunately, has proven to be such a completely reprehensible dude that I would honestly find it too depresseing to parody him or his gross behaviour specifically.

"Which of the new cast members is your favourite?" -Rex

I assume you mean, like, the new folks from the club? (Cynthia, Ruby, Alicia and Vulfie?) Honestly, I think I am still learning the answer to this question! As is often the case, I am learning a lot about them as I write them. Sometimes characters surprise you!

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-Sam Logan

so herb z is a parody of john k?lol

Aug 25, 2021

Stop all the downloading

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